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मैं मृत्यु सिखाता हूं ~ 15

event type discourse
date & time 6 Aug 1970 pm
location Bombay
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 41min. Quality: good (under revision).
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video Not available
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shorttitle NOW208
(Translated as in And Now, And Here, Vol 2)
Question 1
Bhagwan, you have said before that if a seeker in his experiment should make an intense resolve that he would like to die, that he would like to return to his own center, in a few days his life energy will begin to contract from within and the seeker will be able to see his body as dead—first from within, and then from without Consequently, his fear of death will disappear forever. So the question is: in this condition, does one need to make any special preparation or take any extra precaution so that the subtle body may return safely to the physical body? Or, does the return of the subtle body happen on its own? Please explain.
Question 2
One who commits suicide also tries to kill himself voluntarily. And until he is dead completely, he remains aware of the process of dying too: that the body is becoming cold, or the life energy is shrinking, and so on. But he cannot come back in the body after having reached the final state. Isn’t suicide similar to the experiment in voluntary death?
Question 3
You have talked about how the subtle body can be separated from the physical body using one’s willpower. Can the subtle body of a seeker who follows the discipline of witnessing, or that of a seeker who follows the discipline of tathata, suchness, be separated without exercising the will?
Question 4
Please explain the difference between witnessing and tathata.
Question 5
You mentioned that there is no comparable word for prakriti in the English language. Isn’t the word “constitution” similar in meaning to prakriti?
Question 6
Is tathata the same as being just aware?
Question 7
Can we say: only awareness?
Question 8
You have said that by resolving consciously to withdraw inside, or at the time of death, the entire life energy shrinks and returns to the center for the purpose of turning into a seed once again. At which center does the energy shrink? Does it concentrate at the agya chakra, at the navel, or at some other point? Which is the most important chakra, and why?
Question 9
If we do indeed possess the talent for creating scientists, why aren’t we also endowed with the ability to make the right kind of employment available to them?

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