Name-paper Yoga Pushpa 1971

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Name-paper 1971-Pushpa.jpg

Letterhead is from Woodlands after Osho changed his name from Acharya Rajneesh to Bhagwan. It reads:

bhagwan shree rajneesh (in stylized lower-case Roman letters made to resemble Devanagari script)
A-1 WOODLAND PEDDAR ROAD BOMBAY 26 PHONE 382184 (in Roman all-caps)

The logo in the upper right corner appears to be a stylized Om ().
It is signed in Mumbai in 1971. The date is also written but is partly unintelligible, remains to be determined. Best guess at this point is 12th (day is clear) of either Aug or Sep 1971, the month digit being either a nine corrected to eight or vice versa. See discussion for more hair-splitting on that. It is the name-paper of Ma Yoga Pushpa.