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This timeline, found at Osho World, outlines events during Osho's last months in his body. In part, it has been copied from Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic and in part augmented by their own sources. It contains errors, such as separate references to Tamo-san (as "Tan-San") and Rev Ryoju Kikuchi, different names for the same person, but it is still a valuable resource. Note that the first entry is from the end of OW's previous page on Osho's last discourse, The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself ch 11. Information has been presented as it was found except for formatting.

date events
10 Apr


On the evening of 10th Osho tells Anando that as he finished the discourse, his energy completely changed. He explains that in the same way one enters the world through nine months in the womb, nine months before dying the energy again enters an incubatory period for death.
19 May In a General Meeting in Buddha Hall it is announced that Osho will not speak publicly again.
23 May Announcement of message from Osho: he will come to darshan in the evenings. When he arrives everyone can celebrate with him. This is followed by a period of silent meditation, after which Osho leaves. A video of one of Osho's discourses is then shown. Osho also says that the Buddhafield energy is at a new and higher level.
Jun Multiversity formed: the Centre for Transformation, Mystery School, Osho School of Creative Arts, Osho School of Martial Arts; Osho gives message about wearing white robes for darshan with him.
Jul Gurupurnima Festival of Full Moon begins: Osho comes out for 7 minutes. This is the first appearance of the White Robe Brotherhood.

Three-day meditation camps on the second weekend of each month start, under Zareen's supervision. Osho answers written questions from journalist Pritish Nandy which are read to him by Satya Vedant. (last615)

Aug Osho School of Music starts; Osho Global Connections starts; Osho dictates letter to Literaturnaya Gazeta (Russian paper); An electronic rooster, which emits a very loud 'cock-a-doodle-doo" every hour on the hour was sent to Osho as a gift, and he enjoys it so much he wants them installed in the ashram as an awareness device.
18 Aug Message from Osho via Anando at the evening video: "Few have understood my words".
20 Aug Announcement that Osho will be coming out every evening from tomorrow; Osho tells Anando of a vision of blue light Aum sign. According to tradition, this vision intimates that the person will soon leave their body.
22 Aug Message from Osho that the poisoning in Oklahoma jail has weakened him but he will be coming to the evening meeting, which is the highlight of whole day for the commune.
23 Aug Osho talks to Anando about the mystical gathering of energy into white robes. Maroon robes are to be worn in future for meditations and groups; black robes with white belt to be worn by group leaders during groups and sessions.
24 Aug Anando announces about the 4 layers of energy, and about keeping the absolute silence during darshan with Osho.
25 Aug announcement that maroon robes are to be worn by everyone in the ashram during work hours as well as for meditations.
31 Aug Osho moves into his new Chuang Tzu bedroom, which is lined with marble and lit by a large chandelier. The one-way floor to ceiling windows overlook the garden and newly landscaped white marble waterfall and rock pools.
Sep Osho is sick for two weeks, he continues to have dental sessions nearly every day. He is not well. The dentist, Dr Modi, makes a statement regarding Osho being radiated.
12 Sep Osho drops 'Rajneesh' from his name, and will from now on be known simply as 'Osho'.
14 Sep Osho moves back to his former bedroom, and the Chuang Tzu bedroom is used for Mystic Rose and No-Mind groups. The new glass walkway which has been built for Osho to take walks in the garden, will be used for Vipassana and Zazen-type groups. Several new groups are developed including a Women's Liberation Group, and the Neo-Zen group run by Avirbhava, whose new title of 'high priestess' is announced before darshan.
Oct All the buildings in the Commune are painted black.
5 Oct Osho creates "Born Again" group: one hour playing like a child, followed by one hour silent sitting.
15 Oct The mantra salute Yaa-Hoo! which is shouted before darshan is now changed to "O-sho!"
17 Oct Osho sends a message that the commune is to be called a Multiversity Campus,
22 Oct Announcement that "Osho" can be used as a mantra.
Nov Osho begins the "Stop exercises to create silence": Osho dances with hands and stops suddenly with hands raised; everyone to stop with hands raised also.
17 Nov Osho gives instructions about when he leaves his body; he asks for a group to be formed to translate his Hindi books into English; Osho says "Nobody will be my successor; the Inner Circle will be the successor." He gives further instructions on how the Inner Circle will function.
23 Nov Men's Liberation group created.
28 Nov there is a message from Osho that people buy and read his books. From now on the reading of Osho's books will become an integral part of the groundwork for all ashram groups.
29 Nov Tan-san, the Japanese woman enlightened master, visits the ashram in order to give Osho healing energy as, she indicates, the world needs his continuing presence in the body. During darshan Osho showers her with rose petals.
1 Dec Rev Ryoju Kikuchi, Japanese enlightened master, visits

Throughout December, Osho repeatedly comments, to his attendants, on the silent meditation during darshan: "the silence is becoming so solid you can almost touch it."

5 Dec Osho creates new group "Osho Reminding Yourself the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body", and gives instructions for the first group.
9 Dec Nirvano (Osho's long-time companion, also known as Gudiya and Vivek) leaves her body. Osho arranges a memorial for her: "Nirvano, who died an untimely death". This is placed on the new Osho House building.
12 Dec Osho comments on the Birthday celebration: "The celebration went really well. It was the best celebration ever."
16 Dec Osho requests a photo session with Videha and Veeresh, who have both been very active in helping Osho's work in Europe. Swami Veeresh is a long-time sannyasin therapist, and the founder of Humaniversity in Holland. Swami Videha has translated into Italian and published many of Osho's books, which have been widely distributed in Italy and become best sellers in the non-fiction category of books. These photos are published in Osho Times International.
24 Dec The Sunday Mail, UK, prints an article about Cardinal Ratzinger and the Vatican being partly responsible for expulsion of Osho from the USA.
16 Jan Osho's last darshan in Buddha Hall which includes dancing followed by silent meditation. Osho has had severe pains in his arms for some time and will not move his arms in future, but everyone should continue to celebrate and dance when he arrives.

Osho sends a message that during darshan someone is using black magic against him, Osho could defend himself, but since the attacker would thus be harmed, Osho will not do so. Steps are taken to discover who is involved, without success.

17 Jan Dr Amrito announces Osho's message that Osho will only come and namaste from now on, "Now your meditation is going to go deeper than ever."
18 Jan Osho remains in his room during darshan, but sends a message that his presence would be felt as if he was there.
19 Jan Osho leaves his body at 5:00 pm. Dr Amrito makes the announcement after people have gathered for evening darshan. Before dying, Osho calls Jayesh and tells him, "I leave you my dream." He also says, "Anando will be my medium." Osho requests the same format of death celebration which he set up for sannyasins: His body is brought into the Hall for ten minutes celebration, then carried in procession to the nearby burning ghats, where the celebration continues through the night.
21 Jan Osho's ashes are brought to his samadhi, which is in the Chuang Tzu auditorium, which was renovated into a bedroom for him, and then used for groups. Now the samadhi room is used for silent meditations. The inscription over his ashes says:
Never Born
Never Died
Only visited this planet earth between
1931 - 1990