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(Professor Emeritus Pierre Evald)

Neeten was until recently an Associate Professor at the Royal School of Library and Information Science in Aalborg, Denmark. He has done a lot of research about Osho's personal library and Osho's own publications. A number of fascinating papers about Osho can be found on his website.

In May 2014 he made his 25-year research into Osho's life and work available to the public in an "author's uncut version," at Osho Source Book. To compile this, he spoke to hundreds of sannyasins and others associated with Osho's early work and visited places all over North India to see source documents. The collection focuses on the up-till-now least documented period of Osho's life and work, before he moved to Pune in 1974.

Contact Details

9990 Skagen
Phone: +45 9844-3334
Pierre Evald
Osho Source Book
Osho – Indian Mystic and Bookman All articles and presentations about Osho
Osho Source Book a major website documenting Osho's work
Osho Source Book: A bio-bibliography Neeten introduces his updates on this momentous body of work on Osho News, July 19, 2022
For a complete bibliography, see his website
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