Rare Hindi Talks from 1962

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Hindi talks from 1962, newly found for this Wiki on 6 May 2021.
Sw Satya Anuragi has kindly provided these old recordings from spools. These spools were gifted by Sw Atul Anand to Anuragi, who dizitized them. The spools were probably given by Ma Yoga Laxmi to Atul.
This series-name was given for talks digitized from old tape-spools, identified with a letter: A - E and H and J.
They contain mostly talks from 1962: 8 talks were identified as given in 1962 and for 6 the year is unknown.
As far as we know the talks are mostly unrelated, apart from being in this series of tape-spools. And the texts have not been published. That is, except the material on spool J, which contains the recording of Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Or ~ 05 (संभोग से समाधि की ओर), published before, so that is not part of this series.
Shailendra has given names to the "chapters", i.e. the different talks on the spools, based on their content. See for an overview: the table of contents).
For much more information, including images of the writings on the spool-covers, and partial transcripts see discussion.
For other details per talk, including complete transcripts, see the event-pages, which are linked from the TOC below, column event.
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
1962 + (?) : timeline
number of discourses/chapters
14 (see table of contents)


table of contents

chapter titles
event location duration media
Spool A
1 ब्रह्मचर्य (Brahmacharya) 1962 Chandrapur 0h 37min audio
2 धारणा और ध्यान (Dharna Aur Dhyan) Oct 1962 Chandrapur 0h 38min audio
3 जिन खोइया तिन पाइयां (Jin Khoiya Tin Paiyan) Oct 1962 Chandrapur 0h 35min audio
Spool B
4 जैन विचार क्रांति के आधारभूत सिद्धांत (Jain Vichar Kranti Ke Adharbhoot Siddhant) 7 or 8 Apr 1962 Jaipur 0h 34min audio
5 धर्म स्वरूप ज्ञान की खोज (Dharm Swarup Gyan Ki Khoj) 26~28 Dec 1962 Bombay 0h 36min audio
6 मन का दर्पण विचार के धूलकण (Man Ka Darpan Vichar Ke Dhoolkan) 27 Dec 1962 Bombay 0h 45min audio
Spool C
7 पाँचवाँ आर्यसत्य दुख के प्रति बेहोशी (Panchvan Aryasatya Dukh Ke Prati Behoshi) 1962(?) 0h 56min audio
8 अनेकांतवादी साधना (Anekantvadi Sadhana) 1962(?) 0h 57min audio
Spool D
9 स्त्री का संपूर्ण विकास कैसे हो (Stri Ka Sampurn Vikas Kaise Ho) unknown 1h 27min audio
Spool E
10 परिधि से केंद्र की ओर (Paridhi Se Kendra Ki Or) 3 May 1962 Chandrapur 0h 46min audio
11 आनंद का खजाना ध्यान की चाबी (Anand Ka Khajana Dhyan Ki Chabi) 3 May 1962 ** Chandrapur 0h 30min audio
Spool H
12 अखंड ध्यानयोग (Akhand Dhyanyog) unknown 1h 4min audio
13 तन-मन के पार (Tan-Man Ke Paar) unknown 0h 44min audio
14 भोजन, उपवास, संतुलन (Bhojan, Upavas, Santulan) unknown 0h 18min audio