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(Rashid Maxwell)

I took sannyas in Poona 1, 1977. I had been an artist, art lecturer and art therapist who lived on a farm in the Welsh Marches. With my wife and kids we attempted self-sufficient living. We all took sannyas together and moved into the Poona 1 commune. Worked for Ma Yoga Mukta in the garden growing organic vegetables for the master. Early on in the Ranch was coordinating the farming gardening, landscaping and ecology until, after conflict with Sheela, i ended up in the pot room in Magdalena. Later on worked in Construction, Security, RBG etc etc. In Poona 2 was a Lao Tzu guard, editor, builder and main gate guard. And co-led a men's group or two.

Contact Details

4 Shute Wood
Devon EX 18 7 QJ
Mobile: +44 183-783-667
email Rashid
Rashid Maxwell
Rashid Maxwell: Contagion of Silence

2005 : Life Is One Blessed Thing after Another
2007 : Not Knowing Guides Our Feet
2013 : The Point of Vanishing
2014 : Everything Is Something Else
2017 : The Only Life - A biography of Ma Yoga Laxmi
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