Rinzai Master of the Irrational ~ 02

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event type discourse & meditation
date & time 25 Oct 1988 pm
location Gautam the Buddha Auditorium, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 56min. Quality: good.
Osho leading meditation from 2:35:56.
Live music after the discourse.
online audio
video Available, duration 2h 39min. Quality: good. Incomplete: missing the last part of the meditation, 15 paragraphs, and Osho leaving.
online video
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online text find the PDF of this discourse
shorttitle RINZAI02
Reader of the sutra: Ma Prem Maneesha. Questions are being read by Osho himself.
After discourse Osho leads No-Mind Meditation.
The sutra
On one occasion Rinzai said, "Whoever comes to me, I do not fail him: I know exactly where he comes from. If he should come in a particular way, he would be as if he had lost himself. If he should not come in a particular way, he would have bound himself without a rope. Never ever speculate haphazardly. Understanding and not understanding are both wrong. I say this straight out. Anyone in the world is free to denounce me as he will."
The master further said, "Each statement must comprise the gates of the three mysteries, and the gate of each mystery must comprise the three essentials. There are temporary expedients, and there is functioning. How do all of you understand this?"
The master then stepped down.

Question 1 from Professor Coleman Barks
I feel very grateful for your enlightenment, your wisdom, your daring experiments, your life.
Thank you!
Rumi said, "I want burning, burning...." What is that burning? Shams said, "I am fire." Do you have any word on shams? From shams?
What do the burning and the fire have to do with my own enlightenment?
Question 2
Our Beloved Master, you have been speaking on the empty heart of Zen. Last night we spent an evening listening to Rumi's expression of the Sufi heart.
Could you talk of the difference between the two?


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