Samajvad Se Savdhan ~ 03

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समाजवाद से सावधान ~ 03

event type discourse
date & time 15 Apr 1970 pm
location Cross Maidan, Bombay
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 0h 59min. Quality: good.
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle SOCIAL03
(Translated as in Beware of Socialism on CD-ROM)
Question 1
How is it that you support capitalism which is based on selfishness?
Question 2
Capitalism is full of corruption and black marketing. What have you to say about it?
Question 3
Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna and Rama -- they all talked of renunciation, but you say that wealth has to be increased. Why this contradiction?
Question 4
Yesterday you talked about Gandhi and criticized him. But Gandhi always wanted the country to be prosperous, happy and its people to be good. What do you say?
Question 5
You admire America so much, you say that socialism will come first in America, but it is in America where hippies, Beatles and beatniks are increasing in number, where people are taking increasingly to drinks and drugs like LSD and mescaline, where consumption of sleeping pills and tranquilizers is assuming alarming proportions and where people are disturbed and restless. Can you say something about it?

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