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(Vittal Koppal)


My beloved lovers of the TRUTH, WISDOM and ||OSHO|| My book, 'Think Globally Act Locally' ISBN: 978-0-9822586-3-7, published in 2008, is based on the ancient humanitarian spiritual wisdom of world over. This book, successfully projects the wonderful and universal vision of our beloved ||OSHO|| We the simple common people of world over, must wake-up and further totally awaken into our own innate brilliant subjective omnipresence sky of the universal self-wisdom of our own innate universal consciousness. As that is our original, natural universal and global self-identity, as the universal Global Citizens.

We need to breakthrough, crossover and expand all our emotionally and mentally self-limiting, inter-opposing, man-made and made to believe, emotionally and intellectually self-assumed, self-induced and self-generated, limitations that of our socially, religiously, politically, academically and economically conditioned, isolated, personified, localized and nationalized self-centered self-limiting, self-images and self-identities. As you too, in the course of time, already might have well self-realized that, today, all such our old outdated localized, nationally self-assumed inter-opposing self-identities eventually have become a great hindrances for our further collective expansion, development, evolution and progress into the universe, as the Universal and Global-Citizens.

Only, this, yes, our very own, this innate humanitarian spiritual wisdom, which also is universal and global in its very original nature and form, will eventually transform our old outdated divided, fragmented, scattered, scarred and lost world, into a beautiful 'One Unified Global World'. Yes, one of these days, we the simple common people of world over, certainly, are going to transform our old outdated divided world, into a beautiful ‘One Unified Global World’.

Yes, beyond our this present old outdated, unfulfilled and divided world, out there exists already awaiting for all of us, a totally multidimensional, a far better, the most beautiful and wonderful ‘One Unified Global World’. That new ‘One Unified Global World’ already is waiting out there, for all of us, along with endless possibilities for our further expansion, development, growth, evolution, prosperity and abundance, which is highly enriched enough with our own innate brilliant subjective-omnipresence sky of the universal consciousness. Therefore, we need to wake-up, yes, totally we need to awaken ‘now’ as the ‘Global-Citizens' having Universal Consciousness.

However, please remember that our 'Global Citizenship' is not entirely going to be a total replacement of our present localized National Citizenship, but on other hand, rather it will eventually be but little further development, extension, growth and expansion of our localized national citizenship into and as the Global Citizens, which is very much essential for us all in order to live collectively supporting each other further to progress together with endless mutual love and care amongst ourselves, thereby mutually, towards our total global peace, harmony, joy and happiness, towards our own ‘New One Unified Global World and One Universal Life’.

One, same, common, alive and active, yes, one undivided all witnessing 'Universal Energy of Life' exists and thus procreating itself through and as all kinds of male and female living forms of life on this planet earth.... it is the same never born and never died, ageless, formless, nameless, invisible 'Universal Energy of Life' or 'the supreme subjective omnipresence, omniscient, omnipotent bright universal consciousness' breathing within | OSHO | JESUS | BUDDHA | Mohammed | KRISHNA | RADHA | | SHIVA | | SHAKTI | ADAM | EVE | etc, etc and within 'you' within 'us all' and within all and every kinds of living forms... So, please relax... every living person and being is as wonderful and important as his / her very next one...! All great persons amongst us all too once were just unknown and nobodies, as we the simple common people of world are...! It is only their belief in themselves which has helped them towards the heights of life, which they have 'seen' and experienced practically...! No person or an individual ever 'was' in the past or 'is' in this very present moment or will ever going to 'be' in the future as inferior or superior than his or her very next one...!

Yes, indeed, our Global Citizenship, ‘now’ indeed is our new responsibility in this magnificent interdependent network of the Life-Matrix on this wonderful planet earth and the universe, in order to live love unconditionally and work together for Awakening as one undivided humankind, thereby crossing over and breaking through all our self-created ugly self-limiting nationalized, mentally, emotionally and geographically self-assumed, made to believe and man-made boundaries, in order to secure our own unstoppable collective life and dreams on this wonderful planet earth, further into the entire vast limitless and endless Universe itself. Yes, this new universal vision of our Osho is going to be ‘now’ our first step towards our own new beautiful 'One Unified Worldwide Nation' run by our own new 'One Unified Worldwide Government'.

Moreover, in case, if you love to add 'Think Globally, Act Locally' book to your personal home library. You can get a beautifully printed and published paperback copy of this book by ordering it online from Think Globally Act Locally ISBN 9780982258637(Published-Paperback).

Please enjoy reading and sharing my books. Accordingly, post your inspiring feedback on my facebook page to help me make further improvements in order to write still far excellent books for far beautiful Global World and for far wonderful universal Life. Alok Abhijeet on facebook

Internet provides us endless opportunities to make friends world over. In addition, Osho 'Sannyas Wiki' is the best amongst all such websites. I invite friendship from all over the world: Osho friends, lovers and Sannyasins. Know that we are on this planet 'Sannyas Wiki' in order to meet, interact, know, understand and make new friends from across world over! Having, friends world over helps us to know different cultures, traditions, in addition it is like knowing the world with all its endless colors. My name, Vittal Koppal, (Sw Alok Abhijeet) DOB: 26th June, 1957, Age 55. I, live in Hubli-Dharwad area of the Karnataka, India. I'm available to talk on my books with you. I'm just a call away, feel free to contact me.

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