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I was at Poona 1 two times in 78 &79 & at the Ranch From the Beginning to the end

Vivek was in my Dream time Last nite as were a few of the old Tribe

Occasionally- in dream time- Uncle " B " pops in for a cup of tea

Back in 78 Sucta Si Baba ( in the Flesh ) suggested Bhagwan to me to be my teacher Oribindo (in spirit from his cript) suggested the same

Although this is unusual for most people it is normal for me

After the Ranch i was with Master Choa Kok Sui- Pranic Healing. MCKS left his body a few years ago - He created a Very Deep yet simple to work with Teaching. MCKS interviewed me about OSHO & Poona & the Ranch There is a MCKS ASHRAM in POONA. Highlight- Healing /Distant Healing -Philosophy - ARHATIC YOGA

Also with Paladian Lightworkers /Dolphin Star Temple Amora Quan Yin - She just left her body this summer (2013 )

Also with Lama Ole Nydal Dimond Way Tibetan Buddisim -Highlight " POWA " the Death Journey & being of assistance guiding others through the Bardo

These People &their Teachings are All Very Dear to me & are all Bodi Satvas & Highly Recomended

Blessings & Love


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