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(Guy C. Lamunyon)

Swami Dhyan Sagari is alive and well in Sedona.
I took sannyas in 1980, saw OSHO many times at Rancho Rajneesh and was involved in the Laguna Beach Utsava Meditation Center lawsuit.
I served as the Utsava director at the end of the lawsuit.
Sannyas has been a great blessing to me.
I am available via email.

NOTE: Sagari and his partner Gyano have written a history of Utsava Meditation Center, finishing it off with an "Authors' Note" about a more personal side of the story. That note has been moved here:

When Osho began his silent period we were planning a trip to India to take sannyas. A video message to the west at that time ended with Osho looking directly into the camera and saying, “Come now, I may not be here long.” We immediately wrote for sannyas not understanding the message and received our malas from Avinash and Punita at Utsava. We were able to take many of the Poona groups at Utsava and went to many celebrations at the ranch beginning with the First Annual World Celebration. Because we had made generous contributions to the ranch we were given up front seats in the third row for the Masters Day Darshan during the First Annual World Celebration. This was the only time Osho invited sannyasins on the stage and was a HUGE ENERGY EVENT for us. We were planning to move to the ranch at the time it all came apart. We are now in Sedona, Arizona enjoying frequent meetings with the buddhafield here.

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Sedona, AZ
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