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(Jack Allanach)

Mumbai is a place where all the currents of India meet, and for travelers an easy place to connect with all and everything Indian. And in the early 70s, travelers drawn to a spiritual path could meet Osho there, up close and personal. So it was that Canadian journalist Jack Allanach had the good fortune to connect with Osho in 1971 and become his first native English editor, editing and writing the foreword for many of his books. He kept diaries and when his time to die from cancer came, he didn't put energy into fighting it but used his last time to create a lively memoir, Osho, India and Me. He left his body in Sep 2012 in Mullumbimby.

2004 (©, not published in English yet): The Enemy in Your Head or, alternative title, The Enemy in Your Head and other Realities
2005-12: Der Feind in deinem Kopf
2005 : Colour Me Healing
2010 : Osho, India and Me
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