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AcuEnergetics was developed by Nivedana over 30 years from his own meditation and internal exploration, years of clinical practice and understanding of ancient texts from China, India and the Middle East. AcuEnergetics involves a deep understanding of the art and science of energy healing. It is a very practical and profound healing modality.

The AcuEnergetics Centre is based in the harbour-side suburb of Balmain, in Sydney. It was founded in 2000 by Nivedana and Punita, and it includes an AcuEnergetics Clinic, and the AcuEnergetics School where trainings are offered from introductory weekend courses, to full practitioner trainings.

In 2007 the first AcuEnergetics courses were offered at OIMR in Pune. These workshops are different from the ones offered in Australia with their main emphasis being on personal exploration of the energetic system.

The AcuEnergetics workshops being run at OMIR in January 2008 are described as following - AcuEnergetics is based on detailed maps of the energetic system developed by it’s founder, Nivedana. With these accurate maps you will be able to see, and feel in yourself, the core aspects of your energetic system (including chakras, meridians and the channels shown in the Sephiroth that link these) to help you to open your light body. In these workshops we explore healing using the methodology of Tantra, allowing ourselves to open our hearts and dissolve into the ocean of beingness through the sense of feeling. AcuEnergetics® is experiential, beautiful and profound for one’s own journey, and incredibly effective as a healing modality for physical and emotional issues. These workshops are for people exploring on their own journey, and for practitioners who are interested to learn and experience more of the hidden structure of our energetic system that underlies all treatment modalities.

  • AcuEnergetics® - A Taste of Inner Chocolate (1 day workshop)

Inside our bodies there is bliss. We touch this sometimes inadvertently – when we love, when we smile, when we dance. This workshop will show you practical ways to tap into this bliss directly – and build a beautiful relationship with your inner chocolate.

  • AcuEnergetics® - The Alchemical Marriage (3 day workshop)

This workshop will focus on specific internal Tantric techniques for opening the energy gates that link the heart chakra to the meridian system. You will learn to melt the latent Kundalini in the Heart chakra so that your body becomes an ocean of bliss.

  • AcuEnergetics® - The Sephiroth Training: Opening to the Light (7 day workshop)

This experiential workshop will focus on internal energy maps that were essential training for Jesus, Moses and other Judaic prophets until at least the twelfth century AD. This is similar to some of the secret Taoist practices. The process involves opening the revealed and hidden chakras to the Circulation of the Light orbit in the body. This deep practice approaches the energy system in a powerful and direct way.

Each day we will explore one of the major chakras, teaching you simple physical methods for opening them. You will gain a true understanding of each chakra, how they feel, their strengths and the way they work together. You will learn where you hold blockages in these centres and how to let these go so they can then operate openly in your life. This experience can completely change how you approach and manifest your life, take you places you have never been in yourself and open you to a deeper understanding of your life journey and potential.

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