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Sambodhi Prem is an award winning musician who creates music with an organic depth and a spark of wonder. He imbues an extended palette of color into his compositions. His music flows from his desire to create beauty and love. "I feel at home with melodic and reflective music," he says. "I love sounds that blend together, where tunes become journeys to unknown shores." He enjoys the slow-moving stream of ambient music, where musical sound is surrounded by space - helping it to breathe - creating an atmosphere of stillness.

"While recording I allow sounds to emerge that have a healing quality to me. Listen to my music like you would listen to a bird, singing softly in the evening light."

His latest album 'Samadhi' is available here.


1991 : Mirror of the Sun
1994 : Rose Water Moon
1997 : Sunlight Rain River
2000 : NatureSpace
2001 / 2008 : Tuning Into the Moment
2003 : Forest of Dreams
2004 : Heart Music
2004 / 2008 : Bubble of Joy
2005 : Space Ocean
2007 : Lake of Restfulness
2007 : One Hour Long Bird Song
2008 : Reiki Mountains
2008 : Cello Circles
2008 : Seven Waves of Knowing
2017 : The Fall of Winter
2019 : Samadhi

2012 : The All and Everything of Healthy Living

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