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Also known as Sardar-ji.

Well known for his laughter during Osho's discourses.

Osho in Dogen: The Zen Master ch.5 :

Secondly, when you laugh, laugh totally, without any considerations. Don't hold anything back. Learn to laugh from Sardar Gurudayal Singh, who is a laugh unto himself -- a real joke. He is the only man in the whole world I have come across who laughs before the joke. There are people who laugh in the middle of the joke because they suddenly realize what is going to happen. But from the very beginning, when I have not even started ... that is the real and authentic man of laughter. And I know ... he has his disciples. He is a very respected, old sannyasin. People sit around him just to have a good laugh.

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1994: A Real, Authentic Man of Laughter
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