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Among its other uniquenesses, this chapter is the only one in the entire 219-discourse series of the Geeta Darshan mega-series which is not a commentary on Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It is devoted entirely to an energy meditation experiment, on an unheard-of scale. It is the 10th "discourse" of Geeta-Darshan, Adhyaya 12 (गीता-दर्शन, अध्याय १२). It was announced the evening before, and unfolded to a crowd more than twice as large as those coming to see the GD discourses. 80-90,000 people in an open field in downtown Mumbai! With no security!

It was called सामूहिक शक्‍तिपात ध्‍यान (Samuhik Shaktipat Dhyan, or Mass Energy Meditation), and it was an experiment, as Osho makes clear. Below is a rough translation, courtesy of G**gle Translate, refined and tweaked by Sarlo, a wiki editor. Source material was found at Oshoganga. There is still room for much improvement with the help of a fluent Hindi speaker. Please note the occasional appearance of ALL-CAPS. These are words Osho is speaking in English. The discourse is otherwise in Hindi.

The discourse has been published only in Hindi prior to this, not in English translation. Almost all of it is here, except for a couple of extended "I-have-heards". Should copyright issues arise, a Fair Use exception is claimed for this translation, as the theme is unique and of great historical interest.

सामूहिक शक्‍तिपात ध्‍यान
Life is not the same as you know it. You do not even know the surface of life, its depths, the infinite depths, you have not even dreamed. But you have assumed that being who you are is the end of being. If you believe that this is the end of being what you are, then there is no possibility of bliss in your life. Then you will live in hell and end in hell.

Life is too much. But to know that more life, a more open heart is needed. Life is a highway. But closed eyes will not work to see that infinite. Life is vast and the depth of life exists right here and there. But you are sitting with your doors closed. And if someone knocks at your door, then too you get scared and lock the door even more firmly.

I called you today. I will not knock at your door, I will break your door. But you need preparation. If you remain afraid, you will miss. If you keep your eyes closed with fear, even if the sun comes out, it will not come for you. You will remain in the dark. This experiment is an experiment of courage. And only for those who are well bored with themselves. And those who are well troubled by themselves. And those who have understood well that there is no way to stay as they are. Then a revolution can come.

[Here Osho relates a long "I-have-heard" about people who built their houses in a valley bottom and got flooded every year, never learning but believing that their fathers and grandfathers built here, so they must too, this is just how it is, until finally someone from outside convinces them to build on the hillside.]

In this experiment I will ask you for all your diseases. And I will also show you the way how you can give me those diseases. Giving me those diseases can relieve you, because you are not diseases, diseases are just your habit. Habits can be changed. You have created them, you can finish them.

But we have many diseases. From births, we do not know how much disturbance we have gathered inside. There are so many tears within, which wanted to flow and could not flow. There is so much shouting inside, which wanted to appear, and could not appear. There is so much anger, so much fire, which is burning inside. And because of that fire, hatred, anger, insanity, your life is always on top of a volcano. Which can explode anytime.

Manasvid says that every man is standing on the edge of going crazy. And can be crazy anytime. And he is right. Insanity is almost a normal condition. But let me tell you one way, whatever is inside you, leave it in the open sky. There is no need to be angry at anyone, anger can also be left in the open sky. There is no need to harm anyone with the madness within. Insanity can be evaporated, evaporated into the air.

And as soon as you start throwing this nuisance off you, you will find that the burden of your head is being lightened. And the walls around you are crumbling. And you are opening to the sky. And the path is being created for the divine.

This experiment is an experiment of surrender. If you leave yourself in this, only then something will happen. Your intelligence is not needed in this. You are living with your intelligence. The result is in front of you. Who you are is the result of your intelligence. Call it intelligence or callousness does not matter. But whosoever you are is the result of your intelligence.

This experiment is not to your intelligence. You have to give up your intelligence. You saw enough by living with it. Give me an opportunity for an hour so that I can enter you and change you. If you agree, and you open even a little window, then I can enter you like a fresh air.

It will happen. I can come inside you like an electric current, a lot of garbage will burn and gold will be sparked. But you need to have a courage that you will not exercise your intelligence. You are not needed at all. The flower I have asked you to bring and told you to meditate on, that "this is my ego", that is why. If you have done the whole feeling that this flower is my ego, then after a while I will tell you to raise both your hands, whole-heartedly feel that this flower is my ego, and drop it. So when that flower falls, you do not know how much burden will fall within you. You will be light.

Your ego is a hindrance. If it goes away, then I can flow here like a storm. And what I am saying is is no symbolic language. I am not using literary terms. I am not speaking in a metaphor. In fact, I will roam around you like a storm. And just as a storm grabs a tree and starts moving it, and all its dry leaves fall, and all its dust falls, I will catch you. And you will start to shake like a tree and your hair will flutter. Your life energy will start awakening and a flow of power will start inside you.

As soon as you leave yourself, I will start working. Your leaving is the first condition. And after that you don't have to do anything. Things will start happening. Then still you don't do anything. You just give up and wait. As soon as my power is met by your power, your breathing changes. That will be the first sign that you have met me and are on the right track. You have surrendered to me. As soon as you leave, your breathing will start changing. Your breathing will start getting faster and deeper. When this breathing starts getting faster and deeper, then understand this is the first symptom. And don't stop it. Let it get deeper. Give it more support, so that it will completely shake you, and start moving inside you, as the blacksmith blows.

That breath will bring a lot inside you and take a lot out of you. That breath will bring me inside you and throw out all your waste, garbage. That breath will start to become a touch of greatness in you and will throw out your pettyness. I will come in my breath and I will take something from you in my breath. Therefore, the faster your breathing, the greater the benefit, because the faster you will vomit. So when your breathing starts to speed up, support it, do not interrupt it.

Second experience, as soon as the breathing becomes faster, you will immediately feel that a new electricity, an electricity, a life energy started running in your body. [untranslatable phrase/sentence: रोआं—रोआं कंपन]. You would like to dance Many processes will begin in the body. Currents will begin to flow. Someone would like to stand upright. Somebody's head will turn. Somebody's hands will rise up. Anything can happen. And whatever it is, you don't have to stop it, let it happen. Like you are flowing in a river. You don't have to swim at all, nor go to the river's edge.

You have no idea what's going on, but don't stop. I know what is happening. So I tell you, don't stop. If you are very angry, then the fingers may form fists in both your hands. And when I catch you, that anger will start coming out of your fists; Your hands will start shaking. If you are a person full of anxiety, your brain is very cumbersome. Your head will start to vibrate and worries will start falling from that head. If you are a very sensual person, very strong energy will start flowing at your sex center. Do not panic. That flow will rise upwards, as I am pulling it upwards. It becomes Kundalini.

Your entire spine will start to vibrate. Along with that your whole body will start to vibrate. You will feel like someone is pulling you towards the sky. Surely, I will pull you towards the sky. And if you do not interrupt, you will find in this whole experiment that you have become weightless; You have no weight. Gravitation is of the land, the land's hold on you will be decreased. But you have to leave.

Breathing will increase, then your life energy will increase. And third, when the contact will be deeper ...

[Sounds of crying and screaming.]

Just stopped; First, understand the whole thing. And when the contact is deep….

[Sounds of crying and screaming.]

Give it a little help. Just stopped So the voices will start coming out from within you. Do not stop screaming, screaming, or uttering a mantra, or crying, shouting, laughing, or schemes, just shouting, screaming. Let it happen. With that, no one knows how many diseases will be out inside you. You will be light - soft like a child, and light, and innocent. This is the first phase. This experiment will last for twenty minutes. Music will continue to play here. You have to stare at me so that I can enter through your eyes. You have to leave and see yourself. Then I will do the remaining work.

The music will stop after twenty minutes. And then you have to stop as you are in that moment. If someone stands up, he will stop like that. If someone's hand is raised towards the sky, then the hand has to be left there. If someone's neck is bowed, then you have to remain that way. Then whatever your condition is. After a twenty-minute process, the dead are to remain as if you were suddenly turned to stone. You have to stop as soon as I make a sound, and close your eyes.

In the second phase, for these twenty minutes you are to be shut down like a stone idol. No matter how much you want to move your feet, open your eyes, move your hands or face. Stop this mind. This mind is dishonest. It is deviating from the power that has been awakened, removing you from it. Be like a stone for twenty minutes. And you will be able to stay with this. If in the first twenty minutes you let the body flow in full flow, then in the second twenty minutes you will not face any obstacle. You will be turned to stone. In the second twenty minutes, I will work with your silence. And see you in silence. I have said many things to you with words. But whatever is important cannot be said with words.

And whatever is deeper, it has never been said with words. It can be communicated in silence only. If you get down properly in the experiment, I will be able to tell you something in silence, and I can also do something in silence.

In the second phase, in this twenty minutes of deep peace, you will feel extraordinary. The heart will be filled with joy. As you have never known bliss. And such silence and such emptiness and peace will come in, which is totally unfamiliar. You will find a height within yourself to which you were never related. You have moved up from the flood zone towards the mountain peaks. And there you will experience new light. And there will be a limitless presence of God.

In the third twenty minutes you will now have the opportunity to express your bliss. Then whoever is born in your pleasure, in your absence - whether you want to dance, sing, laugh or be silent - whatever you want to happen, twenty minutes will drown you in the grace of God.

You have to get rid of your diseases in the first twenty minutes. In the second twenty minutes you have to give birth to your bliss in silence. In the third twenty minutes you have to develop a sense of gratitude, gratitude. These are the three stages. And all you have to do is not to interrupt; You stay supportive.

Some simple information. A lot will start happening, you don't pay attention to the other. Otherwise you will be missing. Do not act like children. You are not a small child. If someone starts screaming next to you, you don't have to look, let them scream. If someone starts dancing next to you, you don't have to look back. Otherwise you will miss. That barrier and my relationship with you will be broken. You keep looking at me, not anything around.

This entire area will be in a hurricane, a deranged condition. You only remember that you are related to me and nobody else is here. No matter how much mind you see here, see there, stop this useless looking around. Because looking here and there for a lifetime, nothing has happened. And nothing will happen. You will only miss, time will be wasted. An opportunity can be lost with a little childish talk. So don't look here and there.

And twenty minutes, twenty minutes in the beginning you have to stare, do not bow. Do not worry if tears start flowing from the eye. No eyes are going to get spoiled, only freshened. A little dust will wash away, become clean. Stay tuned. Make a small effort to keep looking at me, because only through the eyes will I be able to enter easily. These three steps have to be taken into consideration.

[Here begin the moment-to-moment instructions. Those in ALL-CAPS are given in English.]

Now we will start. Take the flower you have brought with you between the two hands. The flower that you have brought here, put it between your two hands and close the palms. Take the flower between the two palms and close the palms. And once more whole heartedly feel that my ego is centered in this flower. NOW ONCE MORE PROJECT YOUR EGO IN THIS FLOWER AND FEEL THIS FLOWER IS YOUR EGO.

NOW RAISE YOUR BOTH HANDS UPWARDS. Raise both hands up with the flower. Take the flower up. Take both hands up. Take the last feeling that this flower is my ego and I release this ego. And let the flower fall with both hands towards the ground. NOW DROP THE FLOWER, AND WITH THIS DROPPING OF THE FLOWER YOUR EGO DROPS. Look at me now. NOW STARE AT ME FOR TWENTY MINUTES. DON'T CREATE ANY BARRIER. SURRENDER TOWARDS ME AND ALLOW ME TO WORK. [The loud sounds of screaming, shouting, crying, etc. ... continue for twenty minutes.]

Stop! NOW STOP COMPLETELY! Stop as you are. Close your eyes. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND STOP COMPLETELY. NO MOVEMENT, NO NOISE. No voice at all, stop the body as well. Shakti woke up, now let her work in silence. Close your eyes, no eye is left open. Close your eyes. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND ALLOW THE ENERGY TO WORK WITHIN. Absolutely silent, no voice at all, so that I can work in your silence. Let it be as if for twenty minutes there is a burnt place. Only dead bodies were left.

FOR TWENTY MINUTES NOW BE TOTALLY SILENT, AS IF YOU HAVE GONE DEAD. No one moving here and there, no one walking around. Wherever a body is, it becomes just like a dead body. Those who have come just to watch, please also close the eyes and calm down for at least twenty minutes. Not moving. Give me a chance to enter your peace and blossom in your heart. Now allow me to work in your silence. [There is intense silence everywhere for the second twenty minutes.]

You have descended into a deep peace. A deep blissful experience. You have recorded a new dimension of silence. The second phase is completed. The second step is over, now you can enter the third. Now enter the third.

You can reveal the joy you have experienced, as soon as it comes to manifest. Now you can express your bliss, your silence the way you play. You can sing, you can dance, you can laugh, whatsoever you feel like doing. AND DON'T BE SHY, CELEBRATE IT. Do not hesitate and let the joy be revealed. The more you reveal, the more you will grow. The more you reveal, the more you will grow. Do not be afraid, if you want bliss, then let the bliss appear. EXPRESS IT! THE MORE YOU EXPRESS, THE MORE IT GROWS. [Music continues to play in the third twenty minutes. People dance, sing. The celebration goes on. Then Osho says a few words of closing.]

Just stop. Stop, calm down, calm down. Relax and sit in your place. Relax and sit in your place. Silently sit in your place. I have some things to say, [untranslatable idiom: उनको कह दूर फिर आप जाएं]. Sit quietly, do not make noise, do not rush, sit here, sit quietly. If there is no space where you are, then get out and sit on the edge. You may have come from outside in the middle, then go back outside, sit on the edge.

Calm down. Do not talk, just sit in your place. If there is no place, get out, sit on the edge. Get out from there. Don't waste time, get out. If there is no space in between, then get out. Exit as you have come in. Stop your conversations. Move a little further, there will be a place to sit further back. Sit down, move a little further if there is no space ahead. If you guys move a little further, then there is space behind. It is good enough. Sit down, somehow make a little space and sit down. If you can't see, then stand up, stop your conversations now.

Friends who experimented were rewarded. But there is no shortage of mindless people. And there are many among you who are mindless. There are some things, which are hidden from view. And what happens within human beings, unless it happens within you, you cannot know. If you are looking from outside, it may also be that you feel that another man is going mad. But at the end, you will prove to be crazy.

There are some things, which can only be seen within. And until you get down in the same experience, till then you cannot know anything about it. Someone is in love. [A man is making noise. Osho tells him to shut up.] Let him stand, let him stand. But be quiet. If someone is in love, from outside you can not know what is happening to him. Even if someone is in bliss, you cannot know from the outside what is happening. Even if someone is in misery, they cannot know from the outside what is happening inside. Inside, you can know what is happening inside you.

That is why a devotee often looks mad. And it may seem that his brain is damaged. But with some discrimination, it can be seen that the tastes are different. And once the juice of experience comes, you will be ready to leave the wisdom of the world for it. But some small things become a hindrance. One, it becomes a hindrance that what is not happening to us, we cannot imagine it happening to the other!

You are not the norm and not the criterion. There is a lot that can happen to others which you are not getting. And take care, what is happening to others can happen to you too, it needs some courage. And the greatest courage in the world is only one and that courage is the courage to go with the new even if people laugh.

We are afraid of what someone will say! We keep a record of what people will say till the time of death. In this we lose life. What will the neighbors say! If someone sees you dancing and singing and rejoicing, what will you say? What will the wife say? What will the husband say, what will the children say to you! So you keep collecting the thoughts of others and the flow of life is passing you by.

Buddha has also passed by you, and you missed him as well. And Krishna has also passed by you, and you have also missed him. And Christ has also come for you, but you did not find any fragrance in him. Because you are always thinking what someone will say! You are unnecessarily deprived. Then one thing should be kept in mind, that religion is an experiment. And until you try an experiment, you cannot say what can happen. Going with the new should be decided by looking into it.

There are two types of people here. One who has experimented, and one who has stood here without experiment. And the interesting thing is that those who have done the experiment may not say anything to anyone. But those who have not experimented are ready. Their mind is now ready to go and tell people what happened here.

If you have not done the experiment, do not tell anyone what happened here. Because whatever you say will be a lie. That is not your experience. If you have experienced, then only tell people what happened because there is some truth in that matter. But we don't honestly consider that at all. And our whole self-presentation has become false.

Here i see, here I saw, there were hundreds of people who were moving, but also stopping. [untranslatable sentence: कहीं सच में ही कोई चीज कंपा न जाए!] What are you stopping for? What do you have to protect? The hilarious thing is that even if there was something to save, there was a good reason to continue. But there is nothing even to protect. What will you lose? What will be destroyed? Whatever you have is worth destroying. But you are protecting it!

[Here another extended "I-have-heard", about prisoners in the Bastille in France freed by the Revolution but not wanting to give up their chains which have become so familiar.]

We are similar people. Our sorrows do not leave us. Even if you want to cry, you stop. Even if we want to laugh, we stop. You can not leave anything. Your chains have become very beautiful. They seem to be jewelery. And as long as you are full of these chains, the heavens of God, freedom, will not be available to you. You have to break the chains. You will have to break the stock. You have to throw the burden, which you have taken on the head. Because the journey of God is only for those who are light, who are light. That trip is not for heavy people.

This was a small experiment, even if you could not dare, nothing was lost. Going home and trying to dare alone. There must have been fear of others here. Go home Take the door off. I can work with you there too. Keep a flower as used here. To express with it, to leave the ego. And let this experiment happen at home in exactly three steps. I can come there too.

And once you get a glimpse, you will become another man. You will be born again. And until you are born again, your life and birth today are completely meaningless. In this country we have been worshiping the man whom we call Dwij, TWICE BORN. Dwij we call him…. One birth is the one that comes from the parents. It is not a real birth. The other birth is that which comes from the contact between you and God. That is the real birth. Because only then you become available to life.

The birth you get from your parents takes you to death and takes you nowhere else. It is meaningless to call it life. There is another life which is never destroyed. And until you are touched by its fragrance, only then you know that you are wandering in vain. And where diamonds could be earned, you are wasting time collecting pebbles.

Go home and do this experiment. And it is not that once I used it, the work was completed. You can do this every morning. If you do this regularly for three months, you will become another man, you will become Dwij. And you will experience that for the first time your journey started in the open sky, in the open winds, in the open sun. And you will experience for the first time that being on earth is blessed; And this life is a privilege, not a curse. And God has given it for a teaching.

Many of the friends who have experimented have had a deep glimpse. If they continue this experiment home, then their depth will increase greatly. Keep in mind one thing, make meditation like a bath, a daily act. Just like the body has to be washed daily, only then it is fresh and clean. Wash your mind like this daily, only then it becomes fresh and clean. And those whose minds are not fresh and clean cannot become the abode of God.

We call him, but we are not ready. We want him to be a guest, but there is nothing but dirt and waste inside us. When an ordinary guest comes into the house, we make great preparations and great decorations. And we call God without any preparation, without any decoration. And remember, the guest is ready to come, but the host is not ready.

Gently prepare yourself. Just as you wash the body, keep washing the mind every day. The mind as it is cleansed becomes a mirror and the image of God begins to descend in that mirror. God is not a principle. He has nothing to do with philosophy. God is an experience. And all the scriptures you have, are meaningless, until God becomes your own personal experience. A small experience and the world becomes different. Then there is no sorrow in this world, and there is no worry, and there is no death.

We have made a gesture towards the deathless here. We have done a small experiment. Those who dared should repeat it. Even those who did not dare can go home and try to dare in solitude. If you work properly, one thing is certain, any step taken towards God does not go in vain. No step goes in vain. And even a small effort is rewarded. Our meeting is over.