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It is mentioned in list of published books in Geeta-Darshan, Adhyaya 1-2 (गीता-दर्शन, अध्याय १-२), 1974.04 ed. as Geeta-Darshan Adhyaya-3 "first half": गीता-दर्शन अध्याय-3 (पूर्वार्द्ध) ६.००.

Adhyaya's format of publishing of this series (18 vols) has complete vols and had not published as parts. Parts (not complete Adhyaya) first started to publish as "Pushp"-vol, that is Geeta Darshan, Pushp 1 (गीता दर्शन, पुष्प १) with shortened first 3 talks of Adhyaya 1-2, then Pushp 2 with ch.4-7 of Adhyaya 1-2 and then Pushp 5 with first 5 ch. of Adhyaya 3. This is all known and found vols of Pushp-format. So Pushp 3 if take into account Pushp 3 is 'first half of Adhyaya 3' then Pushp 3 confused with Pushp 5 and rest 3-4 pushps were not published.

About price: it is said 6 Rs. Pushp 5 was published in 1971 with 5 Rs stated. But "6 Rs" is mentioned in 1974. It can be explained by inflation.--DhyanAntar 04:25, 20 November 2020 (UTC)

This pushp edition listed in a list from Medisin Aur Mediteshan (मेडिसिन और मेडिटेशन) with price 5.00 Rs. There listed also 1st and 2nd pushp editions are they prices are correct.--DhyanAntar 12:34, 24 November 2020 (UTC)