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Reference was made to the case of Letter written on 15 Oct 1970 (YPrem) on the main page for this letter. That letter also had problems getting its date right in Prem Ke Phool, but they were easily settled by a look at a pdf of Motilal's first edition, where the text was identical to Osho's original. Here, the pdf cannot settle it so easily, because letter #129, the letter in question, is missing from the pdf.

There are other resources and ways to establish directly that Yoga Prem's letter from Osho of Nov 25 is letter #129 but they are not at hand at the moment. We do have some clues though. From the English translation it was gathered that a) it is addressed to her and b) it was Nov 26. And from the index (table of contents) of the pdf, we can get at least the title of the letter as it was published, and that is "द्वैत का अतिक्रमण--साक्षीभाव से".

G**gle Translate gives a fairly silly translation of that, with the key stumbling block apparently their inability to get an appropriate meaning for अतिक्रमण, atikraman. Their suggested meanings are all in the vein of "infraction, violation, infringement, intrusion, aggression, transgression", etc. This does not point us in the right direction. Fortunately, Osho can and does.

As sometimes happens, he puts an English word in parentheses right in the middle of a Hindi letter, and so here we have, in his letter to Yoga Prem, the word "transcendence" in parentheses right after atikraman. And the transcendence is of what? A couple of sentences earlier we have the bleak pronouncement, "अस्तित्व है द्वैत", existence is duality, with द्वैत (dvait, duality) being that in the title which needs to be transcended, not violated or infringed on.

This is all highly suggestive, to the point of being compelling, but it can wait until we get a transcription of the letter for confirmation. Meanwhile, DhyanAntar has also been on the case, fixing up various pages connected with this letter. It is amazing that we haven't collided, but time to save! -- doofus-9 06:08, 27 December 2019 (UTC)