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[NB beginning of this exploration below is partially obsolete, left here for the sake of historical completeness, a record of the process.]
A few aspects of this small compilation may be worth exploring. First, what are the sources of the talks in this book? As mentioned in the article page, three seem to come from Kahai Kabir Diwana. This is the "larger" KKD, ie after its merger with Mera Mujhmein Kuchh Nahin (मेरा मुझमें कुछ नहीं), and the "seem to come from" is based at this point just on the same chapter titles appearing.

1. मन रे जागत रहिये भाई (from KKD #4)
2. बूझै बिरला कोई (from KKD #7)
3. कबीर—परम संत
4. जीवन एक गहन प्रयोजन
5. सत्संग का संगीत (from KKD #20, aka MMKN #10)

No correspondences or near-correspondences were found for ch 3 and 4.

The most interesting title of this lot is the first, in that it popped up as a chapter title in no less than four other Kabir collections. So which one applies, and how do we know?

KKD is the one. The key is that one of the other books, Ghoonghat Ke Pat Khol (घूंघट के पट खोल) (compilation), is another short Kabir compilation published by the same crew, also in 1988, and they would not -- we hope!!!! -- have put the same talk in this one. And Ghoonghat also takes care of the other two books, since those two are merged together and are collectively and energetically the source for Ghoonghat's मन रे. Leaving KKD's मन रे, a different discourse with the same title. See also Ghoonghat's talk page.

Speaking of "the same crew", the "idiosyncratic" nature of "Rajneeshdham's" publishing decisions was commented on in the talk page for Jhuk Aayee Badariya Sawan Ki (झुक आयी बदरिया सावन की) (abridged). What i noticed just now is the cover for Jhuk Aayee and Magan Bhaya are just about identical. And the cover for Ghoonghat uses the same picture of Osho as well. And all in early 1988. You have to wonder:

There is one other edition of this book. It was not just published once and then forgotten, but not far from it. Fwiw, there has also been a Diamond edition. Few traces of it remain but one was found in one of Diamond's book lists: In the back of Dhyan-Sutra: Antim Yatra (ध्यान-सूत्र : अन्तिम यात्रा), a Diamond-only publication, published in 2004 or 2005, their list of books recently published includes Magan Bhaya. -- doofus-9 22:35, 23 August 2017 (UTC)

Shailendra reports that this short book's chapters are indeed all from the "larger" KKD, ie including Mera Mujhmein:

1. मन रे जागत रहिये भाई - KKD #4, Date-14.05.1975
2. बूझै बिरला कोई - KKD #7, Date-17.05.1975
3. कबीर—परम संत - KKD part of #12, Date-02.06.1975
4. जीवन एक गहन प्रयोजन - KKD part of #18, Date-08.06.1975
5. सत्संग का संगीत - KKD part of #20, Date-10.06.1975
Note - Last three are small portions of the discourses to keep the size of the booklet small, for making it available at a cheap price.

And there you have it! This keeping the booklet small, at a cheap price seems to be the common thread in the three books whose covers are shown above. And two more have turned up, with the same picture. More on this at Talk:Mahaveer-Vani (महावीर-वाणी) (mini-compilation). -- doofus-9 04:59, 6 September 2017 (UTC)