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NB: The claim below that Pad Ghunghroo Bandh has never been "official" has been partially eroded by its mention in the pub info for the 2010 OMI edition. There is still something of a literal truth in it, but not "the whole truth". -- doofus-9 04:49, 7 September 2017 (UTC)

Okay, first about Pad Ghunghroo Bandh. PGB as a two-volume set has never been "official," in the sense of either volume being referred to as Vol 1 or 2, nor has it shown up as a subtitle. Nevertheless, the two Meera volumes -- Jhuk Aayee Badariya Sawan Ki (झुक आयी बदरिया सावन की) is the companion -- are often and in many places not thought of as separate entities, but parts of the greater PGB, occasionally to the point where PGB is the main title with Maine Ram in parentheses or even not mentioned at all.

That they are thematically united is clear, with the same subtitle even showing up on their covers, मीरा दीवानी पर चर्चा सुहानी (Meera Diwani Par Charcha Suhani). The phrase "Pad Ghunghroo Bandh" is attributed to Osho. It is a play on the name of one of Meera's most famous songs, Pag Ghunghroo Bandh.

About the OMI edition, there are a couple of matters. Only one cover image or ISBN could be found but there are some variations in other data, such as 318 instead of 320 pages, or Rebel as the publisher. Since no definitive presentation could be found anywhere, with all the info authoritatively in one place, the result has been a cobbling together -- a pub date here, an ISBN there, a cover somewhere else -- hopefully more or less accurate. One site mentions 18 pages of illustrations as well. -- Sarlo (talk) 00:14, 28 April 2014 (PDT)

And of course with the new solid info on this issue, paragraph above is largely obsolete. -- 04:49, 7 September 2017 (UTC)

Just some info: OshoWorld has 20 mp3s as Pad Gungharoo Bandh.

Yes, it appears that PGB rules in audio. Both OW and have complete audiobooks called PGB, with all the mp3's titled as in the "official" books except that in's version, those titles are preceded by the book title and a colon. OW has divided its offering into two CD's with one called "PGB (Maine Ram)" etc 1-10 and the other just plain "PGB" 11-20. -- doofus-9 05:10, 13 March 2017 (UTC)