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~ Intro ~

This is a place, i suppose, for talk about my userness. It is for me and whoever wants to read or write about that fascinating subject. What i have to say to start with isn't much but such as it is, it is this:

My main participation in the wiki this last year has been gathering and sorting information on Osho's Hindi books. Since i am not a native Hindi speaker and in fact read it and speak it very rudimentarily, i am self-evidently a strange person to be doing this but someone has to do it and no one was, so with my meagre qualifications, i am it. The challenge is a good one and i am enjoying, both learning the language (slowly slowly), and the gathering and sorting. (And there is a learning curve of course, so there are likely errors here and there i'd be happy to learn about.)

For many of the books, there is something not quite straightforward, an anomaly or glitch or question, so i get to take my writing out for a walk in the books' talk pages. Recently i have been revisiting the Hindi books in a kind of meta-project and today was struck by one particularly enjoyable morsel, so it occurred to me to fire up this page and mention it here, and other worthies which may come along:

Talk:Kaha Kahun Us Des Ki (कहा कहूं उस देस की)
Talk:Naya Manushya: Bhavishya Ki Ekmatra Asha (नया मनुष्य : भविष्य की एकमात्र आशा)

That's all for now, ta ta! (25 Nov 2014)

~ Editor's Miasma ~

I am revisiting this user talk thing today to write about something that has come up on a couple of occasions in the last months, you might say recently. I am calling this thing "Editor's Miasma". I tried to come up with a ringingly zingy name along the lines of Electile Dysfuntion, possibly the greatest political cartoon of all time, commemorating the stolen 2000 US Prez election, but nothing really worked out. But "miasma" is a nice word, conveying a kind of inability to see, a brain fog, a blind spot, and stuff like that, so i can settle for that.

Both of these occasions involve an "outside" miasma as a precursor to my own, so if i were looking for something to blame my own howlers on, material is available that could be called semi-justifiable. IOW, i could get away with that if that's what i wanted. I was an innocent victim of their confusion and unclarity. Yeah, right.

So, to the particulars ... Example One is not entirely wrapped up yet but the broad outlines are there and the chaotic details too, so just a matter of packaging it into something coherent. It's about something i thought was there, but turned out not to be. Somehow i got it in my mind that audio existed for Sadhana Path and that there were ten discourses available for said audio. This was abetted by an assertion -- the stretchingly blamable precursor -- in the wiki's text for Path of Self-Realization that PoSR's origins were Hindi discourses (ie Sadhana Path) given in camps at Ranakpur and Ajol.

After sifting a mountain of evidence, i quite justifiably (i thought) came to the conclusion that the ten audios from Ranakpur of course meant that four talks from Ajol still had to be found, to make up PoSR's fourteen. This was all just completely wrong, a house of cards built on an assumption, with the help of someone else's unfounded assertion. And when i looked into it (finally) more deeply and saw that no audio was being offered anywhere for Sadhana Path's original talks (in Ranakpur only), even though those talks were recorded, and an audio offering would be the only realistic basis i could possibly have for my idea, i had to see this pile of crap for what it was. The house came a-tumbling down. The story is more complete, if more chaotic, over at PoSR's Talk page. It will be organized soon but not yet as of this writing. (8 May 2015)

Example Two was both more recent and older. The recent part was seeing what i had done, the older part the doing. And it has a nice twist to it, which is: it concerns none other than the Hindi series i first mentioned above as a showpiece for my enjoyable writing. In that writing, one of the things i was considering was an apparent botching of a simple word on the cover of one of Osho's books, and how various groups coped with that. I went back there because a book i wrote up just two days ago had some similar words and similar issues, and i saw (finally?) that in creating the page for Kaha Kahun Us Des Ki, i had made a similar botch, in the Devanagari version of the title. What a joke!

So i guess like, you know, the energy of botched Devanagari was so strong i just couldn't not flow with it, you know what i'm sayin'? Or, like, maybe it was even intentional. There's the ticket! Yeah, i meant to do that!

It would be nice to believe that, but at this point i really have no idea, so i am prepared to treat it as a blunder. Currently, the plan is to look deeper into that book and see what is best. Most likely i will be changing it. [to be continued]

~ Talk about Talk ~

(i think you meant to put this here : Talk:Sw Deva Sarlo, unless it's not meant for public consumption. -rudra).

I had forgotten about that page but no, i meant for this stuff above to go here. It IS meant for public consumption and is more appropriate here istm unless you would prefer it not here. Or did you mean that the stuff on Talk:Sw Deva Sarlo should maybe go here? If so, then we should just delete that stuff. That was sort of semi-private but not doing any harm in its little back corner (not linked to from every comment i've made in the wiki), but since you wrote it, i thought maybe it should stay there. ~Sarlo

the "normal" user will never see your User: page nor this one because the User: page has an auto-redirect. so if you want people to ever see this you should move it over -rudra

Okay, i get it. However, it seems that this page is not afflicted by a redirect. I went to another browser that has never been to, so it should treat me as a "normal" user and i followed one of the two hundred or so links to User talk:Sarlo and went here without a problem. I don't know if that means something in the system doesn't work but i think we can leave things as they are. ~Sarlo