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TOC, with such info as is available on the CD-ROM.
Also the sources have been determined by comparing the texts with the Hindi books, these are either from SMK=Shiksha Mein Kranti (शिक्षा में क्रांति)), or SaS=Samyak Shiksha (सम्यक शिक्षा) :
1. (SMK 04) Teacher, Society and Revolution ... talk given in 1967. "This discourse was first published in KRANTINADA MONTHLY 1968 to 1969."
2. (SMK 01) Towards the Birth of a New Man ... talk given in 1967. "This discourse was given to a congregation of teachers and students published in booklet of same name." (i.e. Naye Manushya Ke Janma Ki Disha (नये मनुष्य के जन्म की दिशा), first published in Mar 1967.)** If CD-ROM is right about 1967, then this talk should be in January-March of 1967, if it is wrong. then date is a little earlier.
3. (SMK 09) Education: Love-Oriented ... talk given in 1967. "This discourse was given before students under the title: Youth and Rebellion."
4. (SMK 03) Education and Religion ... 3 Mar 1967 pm, Sardar Vallabhai Patel University. (Probably the one in Gujarat.)
5. (SMK 11) Knowledge is That Which Liberates ... 23 Sep 1968 pm, Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai
6. (SMK 12) Fire of Rebellion ... 12 Feb 1969 pm, in Alembic Colony, Baroda. "This discourse was given before teachers under the title: The Birth of New India!". (This is likely Naye Bharat Ka Janm (नये भारत का जन्म), but text does not match. Note Baroda is now known as Vadodara.)
7. (SaS 06) Total Education ... 21 Jan 1968 am, Poddar College. "This discourse was given to teachers at Poddar College." (it is in Matunga, Mumbai; search 'Podar College')
8. (SMK 13) The Light of Disbelief ... 14 Aug 1969 pm. "This discourse was given to students."
9. (SMK 14 ***) Transformation Through Awareness ... 2 Sep 1969 pm. "The original title was: Education: Means and Ends"
** The interesting thing is CD-ROM says about this chapter "published in booklet of same name". As Revolution is in Hindi Translation section in there, so it assumes it is Hindi title Naye Manushya Ke Janma Ki Disha, which literally is a translation of this chapter title. Other evidence is there is no mention of such a publication to be found currently on the net and that includes no mention from Neeten, who has done extensive bibliographical research in the Indian National Books Database (INB) and National Library (NL), and interviewed many old sannyasins.
*** Chapter 9 has 2 explicit questions. Comparing with the Hindi learns that:
Q1 = SMK14 Q3
then there is the answer of SMK14 Q4 but it's question itself is missing. On the the CD-ROM there is at least a blank line to separate the text from Q1, in the physical book even that is not present.
Q2 (should be Q3) = SMK14 Q5 question and answer

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