The Beloved (2020)

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From the film's website:
A film by Joseph London.
"An epic meditation on the audacious living experiment and untold aftermath of the Rajneesh sannyasin movement in Fremantle, Western Australia, as told by sannyasins and ex-sannyasins."
"The Beloved is a 260 minute documentary in three parts.
The film is structured around voice and landscapes of present-day Fremantle, archival imagery and natural sound, and foregrounds the process of coming-to-terms with the aftermath of the movement and the experience of discipleship."
"In 1981, a group known as “the Orange People,” established a large, vibrant commune and ashram in the centre of Fremantle, Western Australia. They were disciples of the controversial spiritual teacher, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and devotees to his worldwide movement.
In their vision for a higher consciousness revolution, they would experience a spectacular and public rise and fall in the space of a few years."
4h 20min in 3 parts


A film by Joseph London

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