The Hidden Splendor ~ 10

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event type discourse
date & time 17 Mar 1987 am
location Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 32min. Quality: good.
Live music after the discourse.
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shorttitle SPLEND10
Reader of the questions: Sw Anand Vimal.
Question 1 from Prem Nandano
Beloved Osho, whenever you talk about your surgery, or hitting people hard, I can sense what you mean by it. Yet in all these years I have never experienced it myself. To me, you are like a potter: I feel your hands molding me, guiding me, leading me, strong and firm, but also with such tenderness and love as I have never experienced before. It is such a joy to be formed by your gorgeous hands. Beloved master, in my doubting mind a question arises: Can it really be true that you are guiding me ever so gently?
Question 2 from Anand Disha
Beloved Osho, the other night when you talked about the false and the real, I came to a place inside of me that could for the first time really understand you. It was as if I was looking at myself from the outside, as a body that was given to me but was not really "me"; then a layer of my personality that was also just a layer of falseness and not really "me". And even further inside was a space that was very silent and beautiful, but that couldn't be me either, because it was neither masculine nor feminine, nor could it understand any language of words -- it was just a nothingness. Beloved Osho, if none of those three things are me, then where am I?
Question 3 from Atmo Shahid
Beloved Osho, a year ago, on March 15th, I was visiting friends in Santa Fe. Early that morning, Mahamati and I were lying in the back of my van when it was struck from behind. Following the impact I couldn't breathe. My neck and back were aflame with pain, and I panicked. My hand discovered my mala and the struggle dropped with the deep remembrance of sannyas, and I relaxed to be aware for death. Ironically, I began to get air, just a little, and told Mati not to freak out if I dropped the body, because I was still intact. In the hospital emergency room, we both, simultaneously, felt your presence, and ecstatically laughed, to the dismay of the doctors and nurses. For seven weeks I was flat on my back, and my heart flowered as never before. The spine was fractured in two places, and this whole year I have been lazy -- doing art, portraits of you, and a novel depicting my experiences with you. Beloved master, I am so grateful to find I can let go when death knocks on my door, and I feel so fortunate to look into your eyes once more. Thank you. Would you like to comment on my experience? Was it really you who came to the emergency room, or just our let-go to existence and life?
Question 4 from Prem Vanshi
Beloved Osho, at the moment, my life seems to be an endless dive into deep, dark valleys of greed, jealousy, self-condemnation; deep pain, and feeling very lost. Coming out of these valleys, I feel refreshed, more clear -- like after a thunderstorm in hot summer. But the next valley follows soon afterwards. Are these dark valleys a sort of cleaning, and has this to happen again and again?


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