The Last Testament (Vol 2) ~ 15

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event type interview
date & time 4 Sep 1985 pm
location Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 42min. Quality: good.
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video Available, duration 1h 56min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle LAST215
Interview. Announcements by Ma Prem Savita : John (name inaudible, we seem to hear "from Channel X TV, New Zealand", but the man is clearly American). Later the cameraman Michael Hawkins asks the one but last question.
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with KGW TV, Portland, Oregon.
Amrito intro (1990-1994 remastering audio project): Interview with KGW TV, Channel 8, Portland, Oregon.
Question 1
Bhagwan, hello. You must be exhausted after the entrance.
Question 2
I'm come to ask you a series of questions about AIDS. We saw your forecast a year and a half a go, in March of 1984, at a time when you said that two-thirds of the world's population would eventually die of the disease. I'm curious where that number came from, and why you believe this is true.
Question 3
You said that two-thirds of the population will die of AIDS. Who will be the survivors? Who will be left?
Question 4
Do you see any possibility that that drastic change will come?
Question 5
At the news conference there was talk of a gun in the audience. And the question of your being killed came up at that time too. Is this something that you can think about a lot? Is this something that is in the minds of your people? Or ...
Question 6
The city that you built, is it complete now, or what is the next step or stage of its development? What happens next here?
Question 7
Now what does that mean?
Question 8
Clearly your goal in winning this litigation is far more than air-conditioned houses, and what you've achieved here now. There is more inside. Your goal is beyond this...
Question 9
Should not exist today, and for the next twenty years? Or should not exist from now on?
Question 10
Do you think people would accept an idea of that sort?
Question 11
Is there any effort to establish a medical board with that direction?
Question 12
It sounds like what you're establishing here is an attempt for an oasis that will survive all the dire things that you predict within the next decade, the next twenty years. The goal then would be for Bhagwan and the sannyasins to lead humanity out of all of this through the communes, and that would be the goal of Rajneeshpuram and the others?
Question 13
What you're saying sounds like it's from the head and not the heart. People want families, children, comfort, and the love that these provide. They want the tradition of these things. (inaudible) What you're saying is from the head.
Question 14
Tomorrow there was a news conference scheduled, where you and Sheela were to appear. It was going to be something about AIDS. What happened?
Question 15
You realize you could tell these people what to do if you wanted.
Question 16
About six, eight months ago, there was a program sponsored by the church, called "To the heart of America," which sent sannyasins out to four cities. This looked very much like a missionary effort. Would you approve of such a thing?
Question 17
A question of personal curiosity: You are teaching people how to live, how to get by in this world, and to get by on their own, find their strength within themselves ultimately, which to me means to find their way without Bhagwan. If these people are paying attention to the lesson, why are they still here?
Question 18
As a religious leader, how would you define what your obligation, in turn, is then in total? You say you're available to the people who want to.... Is an obligation you feel to those people?
Question 19
Is work still a meditation here?
Question 20
I'm thinking of the sannyasins. Is that definition still hold true that work is meditation?
Question 21
Edited excerpt: 11min 26sec, parts of questions 21-22 **
We were told that the people who are working here at the commune driving a bulldozer, for example, that was their meditation. Do you agree with that?
Question 22
Bhagwan, the man taking the pictures is Michael Hawkins. He would very much like to ask you a question as well. Would that be permitted? Do you want to finish Socrates?
Question 23
The AIDS precautions that are being set up here would seem to me to attract two types of people. One, who possibly already have AIDS and wants a peaceful place to live out the rest of life. But the other person will be somebody that is so paranoid about getting the disease, that this would be a place that they could ultimately avoid it completely. Are there problems with either of those people coming here?
Question 24
Has there been a change in the mood of the commune in the four years? It was a younger group, maybe a little more dynamic, perhaps, four years ago. These people, they've matured is one way of saying it. Have you seen that change? Are you aware of a change here in the way that people behave, and the way they perceive the effort of the commune?


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