The Last Testament (Vol 5) ~ 04

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event type interview
date & time 12 Dec 1985 am
location Manali (HP)
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 34min. Quality: good, but a constant noise (under revision).
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle LAST504
Interview. No announcement heard : unidentified Western interviewer, man.
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview by Italian Press?
Question 1
What is your present situation with regards to the government of USA?
Question 2
Why was your secretary arrested in Germany?
Question 3
Why the politician afraid of you?
Question 4
Why did you decide to come back to India? Why not another country?
Question 5
What will be the future of the communes then?
Question 6
And you will be continued living here? You continue living here, this place?
Question 7
Do you believe in God?
Question 8
What's your personal opinion about religions and sex?
Question 9
What's more important for the human being in the world, science or religion?
Question 10
Will you continue to be available to people for advice?


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