The True Sage ~ 08

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event type discourse
date & time 18 Oct 1975 am
location Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Poona
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 26min. Quality: good.
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle SAGE08
Reader of the questions: n/a; questions are being read by Osho himself.
Question 1
I seem to be neither totally in the world, nor the watcher on the hill. How to be some place? I feel like I am in between, everything I do.
Question 2
When I encounter you, you are always total compassion and loving warmth. Why do we never encounter you in total anger like Gurdjieff or the Zen masters? After all, the way we carry on here, we surely deserve it sometimes.
Question 3
Even while repeating your jokes to others, we ourselves burst into loud laughter. But you tell us the funniest of stories and while the audience roars, not even a faint smile crosses your face. What is the secret?
Question 4
The closer I feel to you, the more you seem to disappear. It is like coming near a river: the river is there and yet it is not there. Where are you Osho?
Question 5
If a being is enlightened, how can he die?
Question 6
Looking at myself and others here, is it possible there have been others like us -- such as Buddha's disciples? Were they amazed and did they, find themselves laughing at how greedy, cunning, inept, they appeared and how absolutely unlike what they thought a sannyasin to be -- or do we take the cake?
Question 7
Many people are in silence now. Do you recommend this? What is the purpose? Can it be helpful?
Question 8
I feel the need for effort to stay in the present. And this effort makes it hard to relax completely. Letting go often seems to bring back the past or future. Could you explain about being alert without tension?
Question 9
I keep feeling myself authentic. Yet, within the hour, I see the way I was as inauthentic. And then, within the hour, that fresh authenticity again looks false. When I laugh about this whole ridiculous situation, that really feels to be really authentic -- that laugh. But sooner or later I'm doubting that too. Is the whole concept of authenticity absurd?
Question 10
What is the most stupid thing Mulla Nasrudin ever did?


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