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aka The Cologne Satsang Band


Since the beginning days of the Cologne Satsang Band in 1980, many musicians with all kinds of different talents have joined the band, stayed for a while and most of them left again. It must have been something between one and two hundred musicians passing through.
Musicians changed, the spirit stayed and deepened with the years.
In 2004 the music was recorded for the first time. In the beginning nobody was interested in recording the music because it happens in the HERE-NOW and is a spontanious happening. It comes and it goes. Nothing remains.
In 2004 Parijat started recording the music to be able to listen to the music also at home. I guess because he simply enjoyed it. More recordings followed and some time the idea came up to share it with other people.
And it goes on and on and on …

Contact Details

various artists incl.
Abha : Vocals, Keyboard
Abodha : Drums
Amar : Drums
Ashvabodhi : Vocals, Guitar
Basera : Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Chandira : Piano, Bass, Vocals
Deven : Vocals
Hauke : Bass, Guitar
Ishu : Sax
Manju : Bass
Najma : Violin
Nandin : Flute, Keyboard, Vocals
Nirdosh : Keyboards
Parijat : Guitar, Keyboard
Pravira : Violin
Premendra : Percussion. Fretless Bass
Raji : Vocals, Percussion
Ranvita : Percussion, Vocals
Shakya : Cello, Dilruba
Tanmayo : Violin, Vocals
Thomas : Guitar, Tambura

2004 / 2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 1
2004 / 2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 2
2004 / 2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 3
2006 / 2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 4
2009 : Cologne Satsang Music, Vol 5
sample tracks
After the Rain
The UTA Band
The UTA Band
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