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(Alejandro Franklin Sentis, aka. Herrmann)

Vikrant took sannyas in 1988 and is a counselor and psychotherapist, having trained at Northern Illinois University in the States and Osho Multiversity in Pune. He is a member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology and various other psychotherapy organizations. He is the author of 6 books and numerous articles on the awakening of consciousness and personal development. Vikrant has taught in various psychology programs including at Northern Illinois, was a research consultant on Active Meditations in Sydney, and has trained therapists and facilitators in humanistic-transpersonal psychology for more than 20 years. He is the founder of the Experiential Center for Human Development (Centro Experiencial) in Santiago.

Vikrant dedicated 10 years to a research project documenting how Osho influenced contemporary psychotherapy and psychology. In over three hours of interview on LoveOsho spanning four episodes he tells the story of how the leaders of the Human Potential movement learned from Osho and developed innovative therapy groups under his guidance. It is a thorough account of how most of the modern therapies practiced today derive from the daring and pioneering work of Human Potential therapists deeply touched by Osho.

Contact Details

Leonardo da Vinci 6830,
La Reina, Región Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile
Vikrant and his associates in Chile

1999 : Beyond the Limits of Experience
2014 : De Esalen a Poona
2014 : Terapia corporal emocional neo-reichiana
2015 : El ciprés en el jardín
2019 : Amor, sexo y relaciones de pareja
2020 : At Every Point on the Mountain the Sky Begins
2021 : El origen de los conflictos en el amor
2022 : From Esalen to Pune
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