ABC Nightline (1985)

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ABC Nightline screen1.jpg
Original footage from the interview-event Press Conferences ~ 07, 29 Oct 1985 om.
Description from Osho Film Festival :
Osho's first live interview from prison
Like a predator, Ted Koppel, ABC Nightline anchorman in his show of 29th October 1985 preys over Osho.
He permanently interrupts him, twists his words and maintains that Osho lies.
Osho is clearly not used to this kind of conversation and often can not understand the completely random questions. Mostly he tries to answer the questions gone before whilst Koppel has already rudely interrupted him with new sensation seeking slogans.
The question of Osho’s guilt or the reasons for his arrest is not posed by Ted Koppel.
Whoever is imprisoned has to be guilty, otherwise he would not be imprisoned. Logical.
Osho is not interviewed here - he is publicly remanded and condemned by his slaughterer Ted Koppel.

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