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event type interview
date & time 29 Oct 1985 om
location Mecklenburg County Jail,
Charlotte, North Carolina
language English
audio Missing, possibly available.
online audio
video Available, duration 0h 6min (only the first 16 questions and a part of q.31). Quality: not so good.
online video
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shorttitle PRESS07
The videos mentioned above are from ABC Nightline - Prison Interviews (1985) and Osho's Arrest (1985), which could be the sources (or spin-offs) for footage of news-program ABC Nightline (1985), which covers first part of interview only (first 16 questions). Small piece of 8 sec from the second part of interview is available in ABC 2 - Rajneeshpuram - Paradise Lost? (1:36-1:44) and in Anurag - Osho in Jail (1985) (0:56-1:03).
1993 tapes-jacket: interview with Bhagwan from Charlotte jail: Ted Koppel, ABC New Nightline TV.
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Ted Koppel, ABC News Nightline TV, Washington DC.
Question 1
Osho, some of your followers are concerned about your welfare. How are you being treated?
Question 2
Why were you heading to Bermuda?
Question 3
A month ago you were on this broadcast with my colleague, Charlie Gibson, and you told him at that time that under no circumstances would you leave Oregon.
Question 4
But you did.
Question 5
I mean you left Oregon, you were on your way to Bermuda, and if you were fearful for your life...?
Question 6
Well, you were trying to.
Question 7
Well, Bermuda's not part of the United States the last time I looked.
Question 8
Well, your pilots had chartered a course for Bermuda. Does that surprise you?
Question 9
Osho, you have a way of always claiming ignorance whenever you get into a little bit of a tight corner. You claim you knew nothing about what your followers were doing because you had been in a self-imposed silence. You only had contact with one woman, and now she has fled. You claimed you knew nothing about what your followers were doing. Then when it became convenient you claimed that yours was not a religion.
Question 10
Even you can understand that it must seem somewhat strange to those of us who are not part of your group, who are not among your followers, that whenever you get into....
Question 11
And the truth is what?
Question 12
Now that things to a certain degree are, have been taken out of your hands. If you had the opportunity now to go wherever you wanted, where would you like to go?
Question 13
Well you're in jail.
Question 14
Well it matters in so far as your freedom is concerned.
Question 15
It matters in so far as your ability to move around is concerned.
Question 16
(Question 17 addressed to Mark Greenfield, attorney for 1000 Friends of Oregon)
Question 18
Osho, were you in fact off to meet Sheela and...?
Question 19
Osho, it stretches credulity that a man would get on an aircraft and not know where he's going.
Question 20
What do you mean your people? -- your followers?
Question 21
Yes. Your followers?
Question 22
In the conversation you had with my friend Charlie Gibson less than a month ago. You swore up and down you had no followers.
Question 23
Well it's more convenient to have them as your friends when in fact you're trying to deny that what you have is any kind of a religion.
Question 24, mark greenfield says:
When Rajneeshees arrived in Oregon they were not a religion, but later said they were a religion as part of their defence against the 1000 Friends' lawsuit. Later they said they were not a religion, perhaps in defence against the attorney general's lawsuit on mixing church and state.
Question 25
I know, you are also the same man who was asleep when you got on the plane and you didn't know ... where you were going but it always seems... as though you are conveniently unconscious or out of the way when things are going on about which you don't want to know....
Question 26
So you have no religion, you are not a leader of any group...
Question 27
A friend and a guide who has received a great deal of money from people who are not his followers?
Question 28
Ninety Rolls Royces seem a little bit excessive even for a very close friendship.
Question 29
What are you going to do now? You're going to go back to Oregon?
Question 30
What about your friends... You think that they will be...
Question 31
Osho, what you think your friends, your followers, are going to do now?
Question 32
And what about your friends and followers? What do you think they're going to do?
Question 33
I must confess you still have me somewhat confused. It's not a religion, they're not your followers, it's a collection of friends, and you're going to be fighting for the Constitution, that's it?
Question 34
I certainly don't have friends who are thrusting diamond-encrusted watches on me or Rolls Royces on me.


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