Ab Hriday Mein Bhakti Ke

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Sw Shailendra Saraswati has kindly shared the studio track and the lyrics. English translation by Shailendra and Sarlo.

Sw Shailendra Saraswati: lyrics

अब हृदय में भक्ति के Ab Hriday Mein Bhakti Ke Now let's paint these colours

अब हृदय में भक्ति के ये रंग भर जाने दो,
आज कुछ सत्संग में जीवन निखर जाने दो।

क्या पता फिर लौटकर आये न आये ये घड़ी,
प्रभु चरण में प्रेम के कुछ पुष्प झर जाने दो।

नित नई आनंद लीला हो रही है ओशो की,
रास की वंशी के सुर पे गीत कुछ गाने दो।

हम न जाने किस जनम के पुण्य से मौजूद हैं,
बह रही है ओशोधारा डूब तर जाने दो।

Ab Hriday Mein Bhakti Ke Ye Rang Bhar Jaane Do
Aaj Kuchh Satsang Mein Jeevan Nikhar Jaane Do. 

Kya Pata Phir Lautakar Aaye Na Aaye Ye Ghadee
Prabhu Charan Mein Prem Ke Kuchh Pushp Jhar Jaane Do. 

Nit Nayi Aanand Leela Ho Rahee Hai Osho Kee
Raas Kee Vanshee Ke Sur Pe Geet Kuchh Gaane Do. 

Ham Na Jaane Kis Janam Ke Puny Se Maujood Hain
Bah Rahee Hai Oshodhaara Doob Tar Jaane Do. 

Now let's paint these colours of devotion in our heart
Let's transform our life today in the presence of master.

We don't know -- will this moment will ever return?
Let us offer now our flowers of love at the feet of the Lord.

Every day Osho plays new Leelas** full of bliss
Let us sing some songs to the lovely tune of his flute.

Why are we here in this precious moment? Past life karma**, whatever, we don't know.
Let's just drown, going deep in Osho's stream, and reach the other shore.

Note ** :

  • Leelas: games and plays of the divine
  • karma: fruits of previous doings and desires

Tumhare Darshan Ki Bela (music album)

Ma Amrit Priya
1999. Recorded at DARPAN STUDIO, Jabalpur (MP) India

Audio - full length

03 6:13 - - (OMA Catalog No : TV00,370.03)