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Beloved musicians & visitors of this site,

We are a bunch of lovers of Osho, lovers of the atmosphere of freedom and love he created and of the music that accompanied it. We have made an "Osho Music Archive" of all the recordings we could find:

1. to keep that precious music for those that come after us,
2. to give everyone a taste of the celebration and silence with their own ears and
3. to enable those of us that were present to share their memories.

Browse all that music

If you are already familiar with the Archive story and just want to browse or search, a good start is the Music category page, where you will find categories like albums, music per year, genres and also historical songbooks and music we know is missing. Song titles you will find on the Track pages, but if you want to search for lyrics that you remember, use the Search box at the top right of each page.

Share your memories and knowledge!

This website is a Wiki, so we can make an effort together to remember. We have found that people that are new to Osho love that kind of information.

  • Who were the writers and musicians of the music?
  • When, where and how was the music performed?
  • What happened for the people involved?
  • How was Osho involved?

Give us all the facts and gossip. Share your knowledge, now that you are still young.

And then there is a lot of music that we know existed, but we do not know if there is any recording. Here is a list of that Missing Music. Please check your old tapes, and those of your friends. We know the music is there!


  • Easy! Write an email to, and tell us what you want changed. Please copy the exact name of the page you want changed!

What music did we put in the Osho Music Archive?

  1. Ashram celebration recordings, including satsang and darshan and earlier versions of meditations (not commercially available)
  2. Other ashram and non-ashram music = choir singing, live concerts (not commercially available)
  3. Compilations of 1 and 2 (not commercially available)
  4. Professional music "From the World Of Osho", including the official meditation music. (mostly, but not all, available)
  5. Non-ashram music from sannyasins or others, commercial or private (mostly, but not all, available)

At the start, May 2012, we found some 298 "albums" with 2,822 "tracks". We know that at least 38 albums are missing. Do you have any recording that's not in the archive? Please contact us!

What about the rights of musicians?

We do not want active musicians to suffer any damage by this archive. At the same time, it is urgent to share Osho with the world as much as possible, and this is obviously part of it.
So some of the music on this site can be listened to as clips (starting after 10 seconds in the track, for 60 seconds). But of category 1, 2 and 3 (see above) the tracks can be listened to in their entirety and are marked as "Tracks - full length".

What else?

With the archive we would like to publish information about the musicians that made the music. For each musician we would link to a page about him or her, with further links to websites and possibly to a web-page with concerts. We welcome any suggestions.

Kind regards,

Sugit, music editor,


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