We Melt Into Your Love

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Also known as As the Stars In the Sky and as Under the Open Sky.

This song is part of The Osho Song Book.

Sw Sambodhi Prem
Lyrics and chord notation
      Em              Fmj7
As the stars   In the sky

      C            D
Fade away   By the light

      Em          C   Em   C
Of the rising sun

   Em    D         C     ┐
We melt into your love   ┘-3x

 Em    C   Em   C

Source: Sarlo's Songs in the Key of Osho. See: Notes on chord notation.
Sheet music
TOSB Page07.jpg

Love Is An Invitation ?

Probably from an alternative CD version of Love Is An Invitation.

Sw Anand Nivedano : percussion

1987, March 1 to 8 ?


Audio - full length

01 1:36 - - A short instrumental version, source unknown. - - (OMA Catalog No : 322.01)
02 2:58 - - (*1) - - (OMA Catalog No : 322.02)
(*1) Both a MC and a CD-version with this song existed.