Breaking All Boundaries

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In Breaking All Boundaries, Osho uncovers the layers of conditioning that have imprisoned the mind of each and every human being, and have formed centries - thick boundaries that hold man back from reaching his potential. And he reveals how, the very moment that the old is gone, one can enter the space of meditation. In this book, Osho explores several techniques for reaching this clear, clean state.
Rarely will you find the truth so easy to understand, and the way forward so practically explained.
"You will have to know the ego; you will have to know sex, anger, attachment, and greed with great simplicity and innocence. Know them as they are: the realities of your life, the energies of your life. And it is surprising that if you just become aware of any fact and try to look at it, by that very alertness, by the very awareness itself, the fact starts changing. You don't have to do anything." - Osho
"If we want to develop a healthy man, we must accept man's nature. Through the acceptance of nature, the door to existence can be found. Our nature is our door to existence. you will have to accept yourself as you are. This does not mean that by your acceptance you will remain the same as you are. No - transformation starts happening the moment you accept yourself." - Osho
translated from
Hindi : Panth Prem Ko Atpato (पंथ प्रेम को अटपटो)
"Originally published in Hindi in 1980 as Panth Prem Ko Atpato."
"Extemporaneous talks given by Osho in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Matheran and Indore, India."
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
Sep 16, 1966 to Jun 20, 1970 : timeline
number of discourses/chapters
5   (see table of contents)


Breaking All Boundaries

Acquiring a Healthy Mind

Year of publication : 2014
Publisher : Osho Media International
ISBN 978-81-7261-309-9 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 141
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes : Copyright © 1980, 2014 OSHO International Foundation. Image and cover Copyright © OSHO International Foundation.
Size : 213 x 136 x 20 mm
Printed in India by Manipal Technologies Limited, Karnataka
Preface: Osho, From Personality to Individuality (ch. 2)
  • Cover back & front.

    Cover back & front.

  • table of contents

    edition 2014
    chapter titles
    event location duration media
    1 Celibacy and Enlightenment 20 Jun 1970 om ** Bombay 0h 50min audio
    2 Why Is Man Insane? 23 Dec 1969 am Ahmedabad 1h 14min audio
    3 Revolution Comes through Awareness 16 Sep 1966 am Fergusson College, Poona 1h 1min audio
    4 Confronting Oneself (p.89 - second paragraph of p.100)** 21 Oct 1967 am (first part of the event) Matheran, meditation camp 1h 19min audio
    4 Confronting Oneself (second paragraph of p.100 - p.117)** 22 Oct 1967 am (second part of the event) Matheran, meditation camp 1h 16min audio
    5 The Delusion of Ego 7 May 1967 pm Lions Club, Indore (MP) unknown missing
    ** Chapter 4 is combination of two parts from two morning talks of Matheran meditation camp, see Talk:Panth Prem Ko Atpato (पंथ प्रेम को अटपटो).