Come Come Yet Again Come ~ 15

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event type discourse
date & time 10 Nov 1980 am
location Buddha Hall, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 13min. Quality: good.
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle COME15
Reader of the questions: n/a; questions are being read by Osho himself.
Question 1 from Anand Chinmaya
Beloved Osho, I feel too lazy to think of a question. What to do?
Question 2 from Svatantra Sarjano
Beloved Osho, God knows I would never wish to contradict my master, but the other day you went too far! You said that all the enlightened ones have been Italians in one life or other. No doubt about you, or Jesus or Buddha, Lao Tzu or even Nanak, and Ramana... but krishnamurti?
My God! How can you honestly assert that someone so sane and sober as Krishnamurti has ever been an Italian? We hope you apologize.
Question 3 from Gandharva
Beloved Osho, please tell us a few more Murphy sutras and a few Murphy anecdotes too.


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