Harideva - Orange Full Moon Affair (1981)

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After Osho left Poona (for the USA, as it turned out), sannyasins were scattered around the world. Some really big parties were organized, and one of those happened in Amsterdam.
An impression of the "Orange Full Moon Affair" on 17 Jul 1981, a big celebration in the Frans Otten Stadion, Amsterdam, Netherlands, with thousands of participants.
This amateur film, possibly shot on Super-8, was recorded by Sw. Harideva (American). The quality is not perfect. But it gives a beautiful impression of the festivities, meditations, music-performances and plays.
Dutch, English
n/a, private film

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TV news-item: AVRO Televizier 1981-07-17 - Bhagwan bijeenkomst Amsterdam (1981)
OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,105

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