AVRO Televizier 1981-07-17 - Bhagwan bijeenkomst Amsterdam (1981)

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still 00m 42s. Ma Prem Arup, Amsterdam commune leader Sw Anand Niketana
TV documentary in the series "Televizier" by Dutch public broadcaster AVRO. An impression of the "Orange Full Moon Affair" on 17 Jul 1981, a big celebration in the Frans Otten Stadion, Amsterdam, with thousands of participants.
Has interviews with May Kortenhorst Ma Prem Arup and Jan Foudraine Sw Deva Amrito. Images and a concert of Sw Ramses Shaffy.
Fragments of Osho shown on big screen (discourse Come Come Yet Again Come ~ 14, Q.3).
Dutch, English with Dutch subtitles
Aired 1981, July 17
9 min

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,102


Beeld & Geluid

This program at Dutch national media archive Beeld & Geluid.
Title: TELEVIZIER MAGAZINE (XII/40) - 17-07-1981 AVRO
ItemID: LTI167941_POS92346481
Length: 0:08:25
Long Summary:
1. Bhagwan bijeenkomst Amsterdam.
Reportage van bijeenkomst Bhagwan-sekte in Frans Otten stadion in Amsterdam.
Interviews Marcel de Groot met:
- May Kortenhorst (Ma Prem Arup), over wie de Indiase goeroe Bhagwan is en wat zij denkt over de term seks-goeroe 36" + voorts over de verdwijning van de goeroe en de geruchten over een belastingschuld 86"
- Jan Foudraine (Sw Deva Amrito), promotor Bhagwan Nederland, over de sekte 96"
Beelden van de drukte in de hal met Ramses Shaffy tussen het publiek 35" + 34" + 60"
Leden van de sekte liefkozend op het grasveld 64" Cu's covers boeken over Bhagwan 16"
Video-opname van publiek toesprekende Bhagwan 36".

still gallery

  • still 00m 42s. Ma Prem Arup, receiving royal treatment from local Amsterdam commune leader Sw Anand Niketana

  • still 00m 44s.

  • still 00m 47s.

  • still 01m 00s. Sw Ramses Shaffy

  • still 01m 09s. Ma Prem Arup

  • still 01m 56s. Interview with Ma Prem Arup

  • still 02m 33s. Special focus on manifestations of affection among the sannyasins ...

  • still 02m 39s. Special focus ...

  • still 02m 43s. Special focus ...

  • still 02m 46s. Special focus ...

  • still 02m 52s. Special focus ...

  • still 02m 55s. Special focus ...

  • still 02m 57s. Special focus ...

  • still 03m 00s. Special focus ...

  • still 03m 04s. Special focus ...

  • still 03m 10s. Special focus ...

  • still 03m 14s. Special focus ...

  • still 03m 19s. Special focus ...

  • still 03m 33s. Interview with Jan Foudraine Sw Deva Amrito

  • still 05m 10s. Dutch publications

  • still 05m 26s.

  • still 05m 30s.

  • still 07m 29s. Performance of Sw Ramses Shaffy