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Osho lived in Yogesh Bhavan, 115, Napier Town in Jabalpur, for some eight years, leaving sometime in mid-1968. He went through many letterheads during this time, almost all showing this address but most also emphasizing other features besides the plain address, so they have been put in different categories.

This puts this "Incomplete" letterhead in a fairly unique position, since it has no address information at all, or verbal info of any kind beyond his name, making it a possible stepping-stone on the way to the totally informationless Novelty series, which had not even his name, never mind address. But it may also turn out that it did have address information on a portion of the letter that was torn off. The proportions of the letter certainly suggest a lower 60% or so may be missing.

We may never know of course, but there is every possibility that a "whole" version will turn up. It will at least be recognizable, because the upper part with his name is quite uncommon in two ways that in combination are unique:

1. The woodcut: His name has been carved into a block of wood to make it easy to hand-stamp onto paper. Or perhaps engraved on metal for similar stamping. Or even a rubber stamp, though the quality of that is not usually so high, although it must be said that the quality of the lettering in this one sample ISN'T very high. In any case, there is only one other of his letterheads done in such a manner, and that is NapierTown-5, and in that his name is done using the Roman alphabet.
2. The old-fashioned Devanagari leading vowel character, the "A" in Acharya, image right, has appeared in a few earlier letterheads and seemed to be getting phased out, but now it's back, possibly for the last time.

This letterhead has Osho's name rendered in Devanagari script, in the upper left corner. As noted above, the first character is the old-fashioned form, per the image above-right, with the rest normal, as in "आचार्य रजनीश". There is no other information.

The wiki has only one letter so far which uses this letterhead, and that is:

Letter written on 2 Jul 1966, written to Pratap J. Toliya