KKGW News Footage - Rajneesh (198x)

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Info about this video:
YouTube code: Gava1nAKW2A
YouTube title: Rajneesh - News Footage (KKGW, 198_)
Youtube information:
Oregon Historical Society
Published on Apr 11, 2018
Interviews with Krishna Deva, Ma Prem Isabel, Ma Anand Sheela. MI# 05812.
Transferred from original 3/4" U-matic tape by AV Geeks, Oregon Historical Society KGW News Collection. Intended for educational purposes.
Information in the video:
Duration: 21:07; but there is a second part after 7:51 which is unrelated to Osho
21:07 (but only till 7:51 related to Osho)


Oregon Historical Society