Krishna Meri Drishti Mein ~ 22

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कृष्ण : मेरी दृष्टि में ~ 22

event type discourse
date & time 28 Sep 1970 pm
location Manali (HP), meditation camp
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 21min. Quality: good.
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle KRISHN22
See Krishna: Meri Drishti Mein (कृष्ण : मेरी दृष्टि में) and Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy. It was published in Gujarati translation as Abhinava Sannyasa (અભિનવ સંન્યાસ) between September and December 1970, before Hindi publication.
CD-ROM on this book: "Talks given at a meditation camp at Kulu/Manali, India, (Sep 26-Oct5) except first chapter, given at CCI chambers, Bombay (July 20)."
CD-ROM on this chapter:"September 28, 1970 was a memorable day. At Manali in the Himalayas, Osho initiated His first group of sannyasins. This event was followed by this special evening discourse, on the significance of Neo Sannyas."
(Translated as in Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy on CD-ROM)
(At first Osho says about Neo Sannyas, then the questions follow.)
Question 1
What is the meaning of wearing orange clothes as a sannyasin?
Question 2
What is the difference between a seer and a sannyasin? Can't one be a seeker without being a sannyasin?
Question 3
What would be the daily routine, the discipline of your sannyasin?
Question 4
You said that sannyas is a blissful phenomenon; it is not renunciation. In my view, the first shankaracharya was a sannyasin of bliss, and in that sense he can be taken for your sannyasin. Please explain. Also explain why you lay so much stress on play-acting. And can a businessman, who takes to your sannyas, play-act as a black marketeer? And lastly, why don't you use the ochre color for your clothes when you prescribe it for your sannyasins?
Question 5
You said that sannyas is a direct relationship between a sannyasin and God, and that you are just a witness to it. But then the question arises if your witnessing will not create a kind of distrust in sannyas. Please explain.
Question 6
Don't you think that initiation into sannyas will lead to the formation of a sect around you?
Question 7
Is there a special significance in changing one's name and wearing a mala given by you?

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