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(Katy Akin aka M.K. MacCrae aka Madhuri Jewel aka Madhuri Z.K. Ewing)

some time ago... Poona One

Madhuri, born 1952, was raised with six siblings in raggle-taggle poverty in Southern California. Serendipity gave her two years in Europe as a teenager. She went to India in 1973, when she was twenty-one. She lived there until 2002, with working sojourns in the States, Europe, Japan, and the Antipodes.

She received her education in India (most of what passed for schooling in the States having been truncated and forgettable) at the Osho meditation commune, and has in turn become a teacher of meditation, psychic opening, dreamwork, women’s metaphysical studies, and Tantra.

Madhuri is a frequent contributor in Osho News.

Contact Details

Hebden Bridge
Madhuri Jewel

1974 : Impassioned Cows by Moonlight (as Katy Akin)
2000 : With Open Hands: A Psychic Palmreading Workshop
2010 : Love at Dancing Leaves: A Tantra Memoir (as M.K. MacCrae)
2014 : More about the Moon
2016 : A Colourful Dessert of Flowers
2017 : The Poona Poems
2019 : Mistakes on the Path
2022 : The Teenage Poems and What I've Learned Since, Vol 1
2022 : The Teenage Poems and What I've Learned Since, Vol 2
2023 : Flying Lady with Cat (as Madhuri Z.K. Akin)
2023 : To Hills and Waterfalls
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