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(Professor Emeritus Cari Shay, PhD aka Roshi)

1984 on the Ranch

Roshani studied Psychology and Political Science at Willamette University from 1960-63. She earned her B.A. (1968), M.A. (1972) and Ph.D. (1974) in Political Science from the University of Oregon. She was a professor of Political Science at Western Oregon University from 1979-2003, where she was named both Teacher of the Year (1988) and Advisor of the Year (1996). In 1995 Roshani was named Oregon’s Board Member of the Year by the Oregon Rehabilitation Association and in 1997 she received an award for outstanding service to the community from the Marion County Health Advisory Board. Roshani has appeared in several international and national editions of Who’s Who. She also served on the Board of Directors for the Connections Program, the Bridges Program and she helped to create, as well as served as an officer for, Independent Opportunities Unlimited, Inc., all of which serve the deaf community.

Hello Everyone. I took sannyas in August 1984 at Rancho Rajneesh.
I first visited the Ranch as political scientists studying the creation of a brand new city in Oregon. I fell in love immediately!
I teach political science at Western Oregon State College. ... My son, Sw Prem Tarun took sannyas at the Ranch in December of 1984. Many may remember him as a big deaf/autistic guy who worked at Magdalena. Tarun's 18 months at the Ranch completely turned his life around -- his name means "fresh love" and that is what he found with a whole commune full of people, for the first time in his life. He lives in a small group home run by a deaf couple and happily works at a mailroom in Salem now. Be talking to you on this miracle of the net! Lots of love. (Dec 1995)

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Milwaukie OR
1983 : Politics, Planning and the Public Interest: The Case of the 1000 Friends of Oregon
1995 : Better Red than Dead: Local Letters and the Rajneesh Movement (in Religion and The Social Order, Vol 5)
2011 : Toward a Theory of Revolution: The Legacy of James C. Davies in Historical Perspective
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