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(Patricia Rodriguez) Jan 31 1944 - Jun 6 2023

Aseema was born in Chile. Adventurous from a young age, she joined Marcel Marceau's famous mime troupe in Paris while still in her teens, which led her into performances all over Europe. The stress of this life led her eventually to Osho, in the early days of Pune One, where she found her life path as a sannyasin.

She was a dedicated meditator, cleaning up in Osho's garden and his kitchen, overseeing the vegetables that were prepared for him and so on. She was chosen by Osho as one of his mediums in Energy Darshan.

At the Ranch in Oregon, she was part of Sheela´s personal staff but she resisted being part of her gang.

After Osho left his body, she and Upchara led Alchemy Workshops they had developed during the Pune Two heyday of the Mystery School. As well, Aseema led many dance and meditation groups.

In 2001 she returned to Chile and created Sammasati Alchemy Center in Pucón, in Southern Chile, said to be one of the most stunning meditation centers in South America. It is also the home base of her life partner, musician and sculptor Devakant.

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