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(Ilona Gultyayeva BA)

Swaram & Chetna in Osho Afroz, 2011
I was born in Poland from Russian parents during the USSR time. I came across Osho through my older brother in 1995. We were living in post-Soviet Ukraine and he already managed to get hold of some Osho books, which were illegally copied and shared under the table during the Soviet regime. I still remember the day when we were walking in nature and Ratan (my brother’s sannyas name) started telling me about Osho, and other enlightened Masters. When I heard the name Osho, immediately I had a full recognition that he was talking about my Master. I cannot explain it to this day but since the moment I heard the word Osho, I never looked at any other direction for spiritual guidance. When Ratan was describing who Osho was, nothing seemed new to me and I was feeling alertness waking up in me, a sense of completion. For the next 10 years I spent my free time reading Osho books and trying to practice his meditations by myself.
When in 2000 I moved to London I felt a strong urge to connect with sannyasins – I knew books were no longer enough. I needed the real practice, I wanted to grow. After a few Osho events in London, I booked myself a flight to Nepal to attend a residential meditation retreat. That’s when the desire to take sannyas literally took me off my feet, and in 2006 I became Dhyan Chetna. Following sannyas, everything changed with great speed: new relationships, new friends, new job, new me. Soon after, I became one of the leading organisers of Osho events in London. I wanted the whole world to hear about Osho. I still have this never ending desire to show the world how beautiful Osho is and all of his work. I am so grateful to have come across Osho, even though I have never met him in the body. His meditations changed my whole chemistry and thinking process. I feel so much more joyful and free and I am absolutely sure more is coming. My life feels like a blessing.
I hold a BA in Languages & Literature and a BA in Business and Finance.
I have built my career in the City of London over the last 15 years, whilst never forgetting my meditation practice. I have taken part in hundreds of meditation retreats all over the world and have spent long periods of time in India and Nepal to deepen my own meditation practice.
In addition to my regular investment banking job, I am a Body Control Pilates teacher and an experienced, certified meditation facilitator. I understand the obstacles to meditation faced by many office workers, who are bound to sedentary lifestyle.
I am passionate about the body/mind connection and fascinated by the human body mechanism.
I teach how to bring awareness to the body, combining meditation with body movement.

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