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(Amlas McLeod)

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Amlas used to be the bass player in various sannyas bands. Now she is the driving force behind WildQuest, together with Atmo.

"WildQuest is a company born out of a passion for feeling connected, with oneself and with the whole. We have a deep love for the dolphins and the delicate harmony of nature that we experience in and around the beautiful islands of Bimini, plus we love to share this passion with like-minded people."

"Amlas, her partner Atmo and a professional team of mostly sannyasins provide opportunity to swim and have intimate contact with wild dolphins. Everyday the sailing catamaran DolphinQuest goes out on the emerald waters around Bimini. They operate an incredibly beautiful site, with great lodging and superb healthy food. I daresay it's the best site on earth to swim with wild dolphins, both for experienced swimmers and beginners. Amlas also provides yoga classes, and around the dolphin experience there are other activities. When we were there, Peter Makena (Anubhava) and Aneeta were there to sing with us." (Sugit)

Contact Details

PO Box 7433
Delray Beach FL 33482-7433
Phone: +1 561 450 8818
Skype: amlassi
1989 : Love Is the Fire
1991 : How Beautiful This Mystery
1991 ? : Songs of Awakening
1993 : River of Life
1995 : Cloud Watching
1996 : Laughter of the Buddhas
2006 : Lotus Paradise
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