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(Françoise Wizenberg aka Françoise Ruddy)

Born in a Jewish family in Paris in 1937, she survived WW II in a Polish convent by pretending - and believing - she was Catholic. Her father was killed by the Nazis when she was four. Her mother survived a concentration camp. After the war, mother and daughter were reunited and went to Israel. But her mother saw the writing on the wailing wall and said, "I didn't save you from the Nazis to lose you to the Arabs". So they moved to America.

Hasya's first husband was a Tennessee billionaire and it was not uncommon to have the political crème de la crème over for Sunday brunch. Together with her second husband, Al Ruddy, she produced the Academy Award winning film The Godfather.

Mother of two children, Emerson, born in 1957, and Erika, born in 1959.

Took Sannyas 1977. Osho's personal secretary after Sheela left the Ranch 1985 until Osho's return to India in 1986.

She left her body on Aug 19, 2014.

  • Sep 1985

    Sep 1985

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