Ma Shashi Bharti

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(L to R:) Shashi, Geeta and Kranti
with Aklank in darshan

(Shashi Kala)

Shashi was born on Oct 29 1950. Her father, Devaki Nandan ji, was the owner of Yogesh Bhavan, the house in Napier Town where Osho stayed for almost eight years when he lived in Jabalpur and was first gathering his sangha. Shashi married Sw Aklank Bharti, one of Osho’s brothers.

Her sister, Geeta, remembers that Osho used to take Shashi and her to watch movies. One movie which she remembers was titled Angulimaal, a 1960 Hindi movie about the serial killer whose name means finger garland, who encounters Gautam Buddha and is transformed. He also took them out for drives, to wild places like Pachmarhi, a hill station in Satpura National Park.

Shashi often helped Osho with his work and took sannyas on 13th September 1979. She left her body Jan 18 2020, survived by her son Aneesh.

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