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(Shanti Singh)

Sambodhi was born 11 Feb 1934 and was the long-time life partner of Sw Ageh Bharti. They got married in 1951 and took sannyas together on 23 Jan 1971. Their four children all took sannyas in 1976. Ageh writes:

During the seventies Sambodhi hosted sannyasins in our home for 20–25 days every month – known and unknown, western and Indian. She always cooperated in getting our sons and daughter love-married with another caste, religion and even country. She always supported me in every endeavor I was involved with relating to Osho and his work.

She left her body Feb 16 2020.

Osho wrote this letter to her: Letter written on 9 Mar 1971

Contact Details

Satna & Jabalpur
Madhya Pradesh
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