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(Shiv Pratap Singh) (In Google Books, the author's name is referred to as Ageha Bhāratī.)


Swami Ageh Bharti was born on March 11, 1934 in Bhurha, Uttar Pradesh, India. After a mysterious experience in 1966 that changed his life, he met Osho in 1967 in Jabalpur and lived close to him from then on. He would visit Osho's house many times and when Osho was away would check his mail and respond to requests for articles, since he was familiar with what Osho had said on many things but for one request, he could not, since he knew Osho had not spoken on that theme. When Osho returned from some travels, he said Ageh should just have written something in Osho's name and sent it off. Thereafter, he wrote a number of articles in Osho's name. Osho encouraged his writing in many ways and on many occasions.

He took sannyas in 1971 and Osho declared him one of the enlightened ones in Rajneeshpuram **. He is the author of 18 books about Osho in Hindi, and 2 in English. He lives in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, with his wife, Ma Yoga Sambodhi. He is the brother of Sw Yoga Pratap Bharati.

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Madhya Pradesh
Vicharon Ke Phool (विचारो के फूल)
Osho Shishya Ki Daastan Kavita Ki Juban (ओशो शिष्‍या की दास्‍तान कविता की जुबान)
2003 : Spandana (स्‍पंदन)
Osho Ras Bhijyon (ओशो रस भीजियो)
Osho Ki Madhushala Mein Bachhan (ओशो की मधुशाला में बच्‍चन)
Osho Ek Swad Anek (ओशो एक स्‍वाद अनेक)
Osho Ek Mahaprarambh (ओशो एक महाप्रारंभ)
Meri Rajneeshpuram Yatra (मेरी रजनीशपुरम यात्रा)
Jeevan Ke Rang Osho Ke Sang (जीवन के रंग ओशो के संग)
Ek Osho Shishya Ki Antaryatra (एक ओशो शिष्‍य की अंतरयात्रा)
Diary Ke Panne (डायरी के पन्‍ने)
Anjane Osho (अनजाने ओशो)
Andhkar Se Prakash Ki Aur (अंधकार से प्रकाश की ओर)
2007 : Blessed Days With Osho
2009 or 2012 : Beloved Osho
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